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NameStyleDate Crag name
Route 2Sent O/S23/Jul/14Caley Crags
Route 1Sent x23/Jul/14Caley Crags
Sucker's WallSent O/S16/Jul/14Caley Crags
The PinchSent x16/Jul/14Caley Crags
The Roof of the WorldSent x16/Jul/14Caley Crags
Hanging FlakeSent x16/Jul/14Caley Crags
Route 3Sent O/S16/Jul/14Caley Crags
Forked Lightning CrackSent x10/Jul/14Caley Crags
Rabbit's Paw WallSolo10/Jul/14Caley Crags
CD 26 - Problem 3Sent O/S14/Jun/14Almscliff
The High StepSent O/S14/Jun/14Almscliff
The RingSent x14/May/14Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Short ArseSent O/S15/Apr/14Almscliff
Campus ExtensionsSent O/S05/Apr/14Henry Price
TC Vol.2 Trig Point - Problem 5Sent O/S26/Mar/14Hunter's Stones
Morrell's WallSent x15/Mar/14Almscliff
Que FastidioSent x15/Mar/14Almscliff
TumbledownSent x15/Mar/14Almscliff
Wall 1 - Far Left PanelSent x10/Mar/14Henry Price
Car Park CrackSent x06/Oct/13Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
ComecocosLead O/S16/May/13La Panocha
Flauta MágicaLead dog16/May/13La Panocha
Zipe y ZapeLead O/S18/Apr/13La Panocha
ExcaliburLead O/S18/Apr/13La Panocha
Gato u Ocho BurilesLead dog11/Apr/13La Panocha
CirrosisLead O/S11/Apr/13La Panocha
Patas de polloLead O/S01/Apr/13Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Anarkia y birra fríaLead O/S01/Apr/13Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Edwards el colonialistaLead O/S01/Apr/13Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Valor y CorajeLead O/S31/Mar/13Sella
ParleAltLd O/S28/Mar/13Sierra de Toix
Piensa en VerdeLead O/S23/Feb/13Mula
CopónLead O/S23/Feb/13Mula
AleronesLead O/S23/Feb/13Mula
CartegeneraLead O/S06/Dec/12Mula
Birch Tree WallLead O/S26/Aug/12Brimham Rocks
Right-Hand Crack2nd O/S26/Aug/12Brimham Rocks
Dancing BearSolo O/S26/Aug/12Brimham Rocks
Gargoyle FlakeLead O/S24/Aug/12Bamford Edge
Brown's CrackSolo O/S24/Aug/12Bamford Edge
Neb ButtressLead O/S24/Aug/12Bamford Edge
Wrinkled WallSolo β24/Aug/12Bamford Edge
The Happy Wanderer2nd24/Aug/12Bamford Edge
Frankland's Green Crack2nd O/S25/Jun/12Almscliff
Crack of Doom2nd rpt25/Jun/12Almscliff
Cup and SaucerSolo O/S25/Jun/12Almscliff
Great WesternLead O/S25/Jun/12Almscliff
Apple Jack CrackSolo O/S20/Jun/12Gardoms Edge
Apple CrackSolo O/S20/Jun/12Gardoms Edge