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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Little SlabS 2nd13/Sep/15Stanage Popular
AwlS 4a Lead O/S13/Sep/15Stanage Popular
Right Twin ChimneyVD **2nd13/Sep/15Stanage Popular
Crack and CaveVD **Lead dnf13/Sep/15Stanage Popular
BetaVD 2nd O/S16/Aug/15Froggatt Edge
TrapezeVD *Lead O/S16/Aug/15Froggatt Edge
CakestandS 4b Lead O/S15/Aug/15Stanage Popular
Cool GrooveS 4a 2nd O/S15/Aug/15Stanage Popular
PhysiologyVD *2nd15/Aug/15Stanage Popular
SociologyS 4a Lead O/S15/Aug/15Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Hell CrackS 4a ***2nd15/Aug/15Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse LeftVD ***Lead O/S15/Aug/15Stanage Popular
The Black GatesVD *AltLd11/Jul/15Clogwyn y Ddysgl
Nautical CrackVD *2nd07/Jun/15Birchen Edge
Yo-Ho CrackVD *2nd07/Jun/15Birchen Edge
Sailor's ProblemVD Lead O/S07/Jun/15Birchen Edge
Tar's WallHVD 4b Lead O/S07/Jun/15Birchen Edge
TopsailVS 4c ***2nd07/Jun/15Birchen Edge
Sail ButtressHS 4b **2nd07/Jun/15Birchen Edge
Emma's DilemmaS 4b **Lead O/S07/Jun/15Birchen Edge
Victory CrackHS 4b **2nd O/S07/Jun/15Birchen Edge
Wall CornerHVD 4a Lead O/S06/Jun/15Burbage North
Bilberry FaceVD 2nd O/S06/Jun/15Burbage North
Ash Tree CrackVD *Lead O/S06/Jun/15Burbage North
Bilberry CrackVD *2nd06/Jun/15Burbage North
Twin Chimneys LaybackHVD Lead O/S06/Jun/15Burbage North
Central TowerVD *Lead O/S04/May/15Castle Naze
Long ClimbVD 2nd O/S04/May/15Castle Naze
Keep CornerS 4a *2nd O/S04/May/15Castle Naze
No NameS 4b Lead O/S04/May/15Castle Naze
Slanting CrackS 4a 2nd O/S04/May/15Castle Naze
Pinnacle AreteVD Lead O/S04/May/15Castle Naze
Pinnacle CrackVD Lead O/S03/May/15Castle Naze
LaybackHVD 2nd03/May/15Castle Naze
Slanting CrackS 4a Lead O/S03/May/15Castle Naze
Sheltered CrackVD *2nd O/S03/May/15Castle Naze
Zig-a-Zag-aD *Lead O/S03/May/15Castle Naze
StaircaseHVD 2nd O/S02/May/15Castle Naze
Y GelynenVD **AltLd O/S07/Sep/14Craig Yr Wrysgan
Borchgrevinck / Poor Man's PeutereyS **AltLd O/S06/Sep/14Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Bramble ButtressVD *AltLd O/S06/Sep/14Craig y Gesail (Tremadog)
Squashed FingerHVD *2nd03/Aug/14Windgather Rocks
CentreHVD 3c *Lead O/S03/Aug/14Windgather Rocks
Middle and LegD *2nd03/Aug/14Windgather Rocks
Heather FaceHD *2nd03/Aug/14Windgather Rocks
High Buttress AreteD **2nd03/Aug/14Windgather Rocks
Nose DirectHVD **Lead O/S03/Aug/14Windgather Rocks
Mississippi CrackS 4a **Lead O/S03/Aug/14Windgather Rocks
Chimney and CrackVD 2nd O/S03/Aug/14Windgather Rocks
The Rib Right-handHVD 4a 2nd O/S03/Aug/14Windgather Rocks