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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Terry's CrackVS 4b *2nd01/Nov/14Trebanog
Hard Death Rain DownHS 4b 2nd01/Nov/14Trebanog
Howell's HorrorD Lead01/Nov/14Trebanog
Desperate AreteS Lead01/Nov/14Trebanog
Ledge ClimbVD Lead01/Nov/14Trebanog
Simon's CrackS Lead01/Nov/14Trebanog
Last AreteHS 4c **2nd01/Nov/14Trebanog
Snakes And Ladders (and Tunnels)HVS Solo12/Oct/14California
Direct RouteVD ***AltLd11/Oct/14Milestone Buttress
Rowan RouteD *AltLd11/Oct/14Milestone Buttress
Diagonal CrackS 4a *2nd31/Aug/14Porth-Clais
Porth-Clais CrackHS 4b 2nd31/Aug/14Porth-Clais
Injector ChimneyD Solo13/Jul/14Box Bay
SlingshotVD Lead13/Jul/14Box Bay
In Sickness And In HealthHS 4a 2nd13/Jul/14Box Bay
Left CornerVD Lead12/Apr/14Box Bay
Olive OyleS 2nd12/Apr/14Box Bay
Up And DownD Lead12/Apr/14Box Bay
Valley GirlsS 2nd12/Apr/14Box Bay
Slab RouteS Lead02/Mar/13Pobbles Bay
Recessed WallVD Solo02/Mar/13Pobbles Bay
Blind CrackD Solo02/Mar/13Pobbles Bay
Right Edge IID Solo02/Mar/13Pobbles Bay
Two Tier SlabD Solo02/Mar/13Pobbles Bay
Left Corner IID Solo02/Mar/13Three Cliffs Bay
BulgeVD Solo02/Mar/13Three Cliffs Bay
MeanderD Solo02/Mar/13Three Cliffs Bay
Right Corner ID Solo02/Mar/13Three Cliffs Bay
Initiation FlakeS Solo02/Mar/13Three Cliffs Bay
Left Corner ID Solo02/Mar/13Three Cliffs Bay
Wall Climb ID Solo02/Mar/13Three Cliffs Bay
Wide CrackD Lead02/Feb/13Great Tor East
Flying ButtressVD ***Lead18/Nov/12Dinas Cromlech
Central FlakeD Lead13/Oct/12Caswell Bay
Black SlabVS 4c Lead13/Oct/12Caswell Bay
Great SlabHS 4b 2nd13/Oct/12Caswell Bay
Smooth SlabVS 4c 2nd13/Oct/12Caswell Bay
Initiation FlakeS Lead06/Oct/12Three Cliffs Bay
Joggled WallVD 2nd06/Oct/12Three Cliffs Bay
Wall ClimbD Lead06/Oct/12Three Cliffs Bay
Cleft ID 2nd06/Oct/12Three Cliffs Bay
Right Crack 1M 2nd06/Oct/12Three Cliffs Bay
Left CrackM Lead06/Oct/12Three Cliffs Bay
Curving CrackHS 4b 2nd08/Sep/12Sheepbone Wall
Chimney CrackVD *2nd08/Sep/12Sheepbone Wall
Loader's BayD Solo20/Mar/11Bamford Edge
Adjacent SlabD Solo20/Mar/11Bamford Edge
Concave SlabM Solo20/Mar/11Bamford Edge
Bramble CrackD 2nd20/Mar/11Bamford Edge
Loader's BayD 2nd20/Mar/11Bamford Edge