39 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Leviathan2nd25/Jun/14The Dewerstone
Central GrooveAltLd O/S25/Jun/14The Dewerstone
Snoozin' SuzieLead22/May/14Symonds Yat
Snoozin' SuzieLead22/Mar/14Symonds Yat
Left Hand RouteAltLd O/S29/May/12Wintour's Leap
Right Hand RouteAltLd O/S29/May/12Wintour's Leap
Joe's RouteAltLd O/S29/May/12Wintour's Leap
Offspring2nd O/S30/Aug/11Symonds Yat
Red Rose Speedway2nd O/S30/Aug/11Symonds Yat
Whitt2nd O/S30/Aug/11Symonds Yat
Duggie's DilemmaLead dnf16/Aug/11Brimham Rocks
WoodbineLead O/S16/Aug/11Brimham Rocks
Grit CornerLead O/S16/Aug/11Brimham Rocks
Fag EndLead O/S16/Aug/11Brimham Rocks
Fag SlabLead O/S16/Aug/11Brimham Rocks
Transformer - Direct Start2nd O/S05/Aug/11Symonds Yat
TransformerLead O/S05/Aug/11Symonds Yat
Golden Fleece2nd O/S05/Aug/11Symonds Yat
Right RouteLead O/S02/Aug/11Roaches Upper Tier
Black Velvet2nd O/S02/Aug/11Roaches Upper Tier
Beckermet SlabLead O/S01/Aug/11Roaches Upper Tier
Heather SlabLead O/S01/Aug/11Roaches Upper Tier
Damascus Crack2nd O/S01/Aug/11Roaches Upper Tier
Runner RouteLead O/S01/Aug/11Roaches Upper Tier
The PlumbAltLd O/S14/Jul/11Wallowbarrow Crag
Malediction DirectAltLd O/S14/Jul/11Wallowbarrow Crag
DigitationAltLd O/S14/Jul/11Wallowbarrow Crag
Trinity SlabsAltLd O/S14/Jul/11Wallowbarrow Crag
Wall and CornerAltLd O/S14/Jul/11Wallowbarrow Crag
The Roaches RidgeLead O/S29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Sifta's Quid2nd29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Prow CornerLead O/S29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Flake ChimneyLead O/S29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
FlimneyLead O/S29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Raven Rock Gully Left-handLead O/S29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Raven Rock GullyLead O/S29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Cannonball CrackLead O/S29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
YongLead O/S29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
HopeAltLd O/S14/May/11Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)