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Logbook for Ian Fenton

36 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Cave CrackVS 4c *Lead ???/2010Widdop
Cave AreteE2 5c Lead ???/2010Widdop
Wickerwork CrackHVS 5b Lead ???/2010Widdop
Wickerwork WallMVS 4b Lead ???/2010Widdop
NeptuneE2 5c Lead ???/2010Widdop
The Links ClimbHVS 5a *Lead ???/2010Widdop
Ordinary RouteVD *Lead ???/2010Widdop
Ordinary Route variation StartVD *Lead ???/2010Widdop
Birtwistle's CrackVS 4c Lead ???/2010Widdop
The Three CsVS 4c **Lead ???/2010Widdop
The Flake DirectE1 5b **Lead ???/2010Widdop
Krypton RouteMS *Lead ???/2010Widdop
Krypton Route - The Flake FinishMVS 4b **Lead ???/2010Widdop
Krypton Route - The Layback FinishVS 4c *Lead ???/2010Widdop
Krypton EliminateE1 5b **Lead ???/2010Widdop
The GullyD Lead ???/2010Widdop
Wrinkley AreteHVS 5a Lead ???/2010Widdop
Wrinkled Wall DirectVS 4b *Lead ???/2010Widdop
Wrinkled WallHVD *Lead ???/2010Widdop
FeverE1 5c Lead ???/2010Widdop
Brinkley AreteE3 6a Lead ???/2010Widdop
The Zig-ZagVD Lead ???/2010Widdop
FelicityHVS 5a Lead ???/2010Widdop
Ceiling CrackE2 5c *Lead ???/2010Widdop
Thirty Seconds Over WinterlandE5 6b ***Lead ???/2010Widdop
Slime Chimney Direct StartHVS 5b Lead ???/2010Widdop
Celebrity ButtressVS 5a **Lead ???/2010Widdop
LibelVS 5a Lead ???/2010Widdop
LimpetHVS 5b Lead ???/2010Widdop
Piton CrackE1 5b *Lead ???/2010Widdop
Mantel MadnessE3 6a Lead ???/2010Widdop
AlibiHVS 5b Lead ???/2010Widdop
Afternoon DelightE4 6a *Lead ???/2010Widdop
Artificial RouteVS 4c ***Lead ???/2010Widdop
Umpleby's AreteHVS 5a ***Lead ???/2010Widdop
Curving CrackVS 5a Solo ???/2010Widdop