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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Black and Tan VS 4c ** 2nd O/S 18/Sep Holyhead Mountain
Tempest S 4a * Lead O/S 18/Sep Holyhead Mountain
Hawk Eye 5c * Lead O/S 17/Sep Never Never Land
Zeus 6a+ * 2nd 17/Sep Never Never Land
Donald Duck 6c * TR β 17/Sep Australia
Not known 6a+ TR 11/Sep Australia
Ivor the Engine 5a * Lead O/S 11/Sep Australia
The Mallard 5c * Lead O/S 11/Sep Australia
In Loving Memory 6a+ ** TR O/S 11/Sep Australia
The Railway children 6a TR 11/Sep Australia
Hogwarts Express 5c * Lead 11/Sep Australia
Choo Choo 5c * Lead O/S 11/Sep Australia
Those who climb clearly marked projects... 5c * TR O/S 11/Sep Australia
Sodor 6a * Lead O/S 11/Sep Australia
Rack and pin 5c * Lead O/S 11/Sep Australia
Side line 4a * Lead O/S 11/Sep Australia
'N' Gauge 6a * TR O/S 11/Sep Australia
Maximum Tariff 6b * Lead O/S 10/Sep Australia
Hyperfly 6a+ * TR O/S 10/Sep Australia
U.B.L VS 4c Lead O/S 10/Sep Australia
Gadaffi Duck 6b ** TR O/S 10/Sep Australia
Pale Rider 6a * 2nd O/S 21/Aug Horseshoe Quarry
He Seems so Sumo 6a 2nd O/S 21/Aug Horseshoe Quarry
Removal Man 4c Lead O/S 21/Aug Horseshoe Quarry
Via Ferrate De La Pisse VF1A Lead 30/Jul Cascade de la Pisse