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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The Fifth ElephantVD -23/Mar/14Westdown Quarry
Start Men at ArmsD -23/Mar/14Westdown Quarry
Guards! Guards!D -23/Mar/14Westdown Quarry
TassyD -23/Mar/14Westdown Quarry
PersainVD -23/Mar/14Westdown Quarry
DelboyD -23/Mar/14Westdown Quarry
SiameseVD -23/Mar/14Westdown Quarry
First FrightVD Lead O/S17/Nov/13Garreg yr Ogof
Far for the FledglingS Lead O/S17/Nov/13Garreg yr Ogof
Alive Enough to SpawnD Lead O/S17/Nov/13Garreg yr Ogof
Undercut Crack 2V1 *Lead O/S17/Nov/13Garreg yr Ogof
Undercut CrackV0+ Lead O/S17/Nov/13Garreg yr Ogof
Armless AnticsV0 Lead O/S17/Nov/13Garreg yr Ogof
SionS 2nd β27/Oct/12Clogwyn Cyrau
Double CrackVD *Solo09/Oct/12Castle Naze
Thin CrackVS 4c 2nd β09/Oct/12Castle Naze
Right-hand CrackVD 2nd β09/Oct/12Castle Naze
Easy CornerD Lead O/S09/Oct/12Castle Naze
Black SlabVS 4c 2nd β20/Sep/12Caswell Bay
White SlabHD Solo O/S20/Sep/12Caswell Bay
CurveD Solo O/S20/Sep/12Caswell Bay
Central FlakeD Solo O/S20/Sep/12Caswell Bay
Direct (Far South Slab)HD Solo O/S20/Sep/12Caswell Bay
Y WallD Solo O/S20/Sep/12Caswell Bay
West SlabD Solo O/S18/Sep/12Caswell Bay
Central CrackM Solo O/S18/Sep/12Caswell Bay
Smooth SlabVS 4c Solo O/S18/Sep/12Caswell Bay
Left Y CrackD Solo O/S18/Sep/12Caswell Bay
Sunset CrackHS 4c **Lead O/S11/Sep/12Froggatt Edge
Slab and CrackD *2nd β11/Sep/12Froggatt Edge
Soft OptionVD Solo O/S11/Sep/12Froggatt Edge
NewhavenD *Solo O/S10/Sep/12Stanage Popular
The Fifth ElephantVD Lead O/S17/Jul/12Westdown Quarry
Start Men at ArmsD Lead O/S17/Jul/12Westdown Quarry
Guards! Guards!D Lead O/S17/Jul/12Westdown Quarry
Feet of ClayD Lead O/S17/Jul/12Westdown Quarry
Minute WaltzVD Lead O/S05/Jul/12Fairy Cave Quarry
Real Men do Eat QuicheS 4a **Lead O/S05/Jul/12Fairy Cave Quarry
Even Odder BootsHVS 5b -05/Jul/12Fairy Cave Quarry
The Gnome KingHS 4b *Lead β??/May/12Goblin Combe
Rob's CrackVS 4c ***2nd15/Jan/12Fairy Cave Quarry
Little Steve's Mersey Tunnel AffairS 4a Lead O/S15/Jan/12Fairy Cave Quarry
Odd BootsHVS 5b Lead O/S15/Jan/12Fairy Cave Quarry
NailsbaneHVD *Lead dog06/Jan/12Lawrencefield
PeanutsHVS 5a -???/2012Fairy Cave Quarry
Minute WaltzVD -???/2012Fairy Cave Quarry
The AreteVD Lead O/S13/Nov/11Portishead Quarry
PharosHS 4b *Lead O/S13/Nov/11Portishead Quarry
Sandbagging SimonE2 5b TR β13/Nov/11Portishead Quarry
The Brink of SolarityHVS 5a **Lead O/S13/Nov/11Portishead Quarry