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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Sideshow7a+ *Lead RPkev18/Sep/14Kilnsey
Subculture8a **Lead dogkev18/Sep/14Kilnsey
Hardy Annual7b **Lead RPluis bachini17/Sep/14Kilnsey
Hardy Annual7b **Lead dogkev09/Sep/14Kilnsey
Sticky Wicket7b *Lead RPkev09/Sep/14Kilnsey
Frankie Comes to Kilnsey7b+ ***Lead dogkev09/Sep/14Kilnsey
The Extra Option7a+ *Lead O/Sluis bachini08/Sep/14Kilnsey
Biological Need7c ***Lead RPluis bachini08/Sep/14Kilnsey
Sticky Wicket7b *Lead dogkev05/Sep/14Kilnsey
Smooth Torquer7a+ *Lead βkev05/Sep/14Kilnsey
Biological Need7c ***Lead dogian30/Aug/14Kilnsey
Dominatrix7c ***Lead RPmark lincoln, luis bachini29/Aug/14Kilnsey
Nerve Ending7b Lead βmark lincoln, luis bachini29/Aug/14Kilnsey
George's Rooff7B ***Sent xanna burton19/Aug/14Goldsborough Carr
This One's For Billf7A+ ***Sent xanna burton19/Aug/14Goldsborough Carr
Bass Specialf4+ *Sent O/Sanna burton19/Aug/14Goldsborough Carr
The Bulgelette6b+ *Lead βjamie N A, Ian henderson01/Aug/14Kilnsey
Ground Effect7b ***Lead RPjamie N A, Ian henderson01/Aug/14Kilnsey
50 for 57b+ **Lead dogjamie N A, Ian henderson??/Aug/14Kilnsey
Smouldering Globules of Lust7c **Lead RPandy tappa, emilio bachini24/Jul/14Trollers Gill
Cold Turkey7b **Leadandy tappa, emilio bachini24/Jul/14Trollers Gill
Angel Delight7a+ **Leadandy tappa, emilio bachini24/Jul/14Trollers Gill
Smouldering Globules of Lust7c **Lead dogemilio bachini21/Jul/14Trollers Gill
The Jack Flap6b Lead O/Semilio bachini21/Jul/14Trollers Gill
The Jim Grin7a ***Lead O/Semilio bachini21/Jul/14Trollers Gill
Barguest Direct7a **Lead O/Semilio bachini21/Jul/14Trollers Gill
True Colours7c *Lead dogemilio bachini20/Jul/14Loup Scar
Open Road6c **Lead βluis bachini, emilio bachini17/Jul/14Kilnsey
New Mystique6b+ *Lead βluis bachini, emilio bachini17/Jul/14Kilnsey
Dominatrix7c ***Lead dogandy tappa, luis bachini,...17/Jul/14Kilnsey
WYSIWYG7b *Lead βandy tappa, luis bachini,...17/Jul/14Kilnsey
Slab Culture7b+ **Lead RPluis bachini, emilio bachini17/Jul/14Kilnsey
The Directissima6c ***Lead βcharlie latter, emilio bachini10/Jul/14Kilnsey
Highway 3956c+ ***Lead RPcharlie latter, emilio bachini10/Jul/14Kilnsey
Quiet Flight Direct7a+ *Lead RPandy tappa10/Jul/14Kilnsey
Slab Culture7b+ **Lead dogandy tappa10/Jul/14Kilnsey
Seventh Aardvark7b **Lead RPcharlie latter, emilio bachini08/Jul/14Malham Cove
Consenting Adults7a **Lead RPcharlie latter, emilio bachini08/Jul/14Malham Cove
Free and Even Easier7a+ **Lead dogcharlie latter, emilio bachini08/Jul/14Malham Cove
Rose Coronary7a *Lead βcharlie latter, emilio bachini08/Jul/14Malham Cove
Travelogue6c+ **Lead RPdale clover, david proctor22/Jun/14Dib Scar
Left to Roam6b *Lead βdale clover, david proctor22/Jun/14Dib Scar
Revived Forty Five6c **Lead O/Sdale clover, david proctor22/Jun/14Dib Scar
Swing Time6c *Lead O/Sdale clover, david proctor21/Jun/14Loup Scar
Slap Happy7a+ **Lead RPdale clover, david proctor21/Jun/14Loup Scar
Slapper7b **Lead RPdale clover, david proctor21/Jun/14Loup Scar
Sidekick7a+ *Lead O/Sjamie N A21/Jun/14Kilnsey
Ground Effect7b ***Lead dogjamie N A21/Jun/14Kilnsey
Highway 3956c+ ***Lead dogjamie N A13/Jun/14Kilnsey
Gorilla WarfareV6 6b ***Sent xdavid proctor01/Jun/14Curbar Edge
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