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NameStyleDate Crag name
Intruder-08/Aug/12Penmaen Head
The Trouble With Girls-08/Aug/12Penmaen Head
Richard 11 1399-08/Aug/12Penmaen Head
Go With the Flow-08/Aug/12Penmaen Head
The Double Helix-08/Aug/12Penmaen Head
Aphelion-08/Aug/12Penmaen Head
Blitzy's Jug-08/Aug/12Penmaen Head
Flowstone Shuffle-08/Aug/12Penmaen Head
Fathers for Justice-08/Aug/12Penmaen Head
The Quarrywoman-08/Aug/12Penmaen Head
The Mankind Initiative-08/Aug/12Penmaen Head
indian summer-08/Aug/12Castle Inn Quarry
as you like it-08/Aug/12Castle Inn Quarry
School Mam-08/Aug/12Castle Inn Quarry
School Mam with original start-08/Aug/12Castle Inn Quarry
Cakewalk Direct-08/Aug/12Castle Inn Quarry
The Cakewalk-08/Aug/12Castle Inn Quarry
Route 3-08/Aug/12Castle Inn Quarry
Route 2-08/Aug/12Castle Inn Quarry
White man's burden-08/Aug/12Llanddulas Cave
Ralarwdins-08/Aug/12Llanddulas Cave
The Man with the Indiarubber Head-08/Aug/12Llanddulas Cave
Udder Head-08/Aug/12Llanddulas Cave
Poet Lariat-08/Aug/12Llanddulas Cave
Not Runout Groove-08/Aug/12Llanddulas Cave
Runout Groove-08/Aug/12Llanddulas Cave
Field of Dreams-08/Aug/12Llanddulas Cave
Crack of Dawn-08/Aug/12Llanddulas Cave
Trail of the Snail-08/Aug/12Llanddulas Cave
Forgotten Sun-08/Aug/12Llanddulas Cave
Tension-08/Aug/12Holyhead Mountain
Black and Tan-08/Aug/12Holyhead Mountain
Bruvers-08/Aug/12Holyhead Mountain
Cursing-08/Aug/12Holyhead Mountain
Teaser-08/Aug/12Holyhead Mountain
Laceration-08/Aug/12Holyhead Mountain
Birthday Passage-08/Aug/12Holyhead Mountain
Pleasant Surprise-08/Aug/12Holyhead Mountain
Tension-08/Aug/12Holyhead Mountain
Black and Tan-08/Aug/12Holyhead Mountain
Bruvers-08/Aug/12Holyhead Mountain
Septuagenarian-08/Aug/12Bus Stop Quarry
Bosch Stop Quarry-08/Aug/12Bus Stop Quarry
Bish Bash Bosch-08/Aug/12Bus Stop Quarry
Septuagenarian-08/Aug/12Bus Stop Quarry
Whizz Bang-08/Aug/12Bus Stop Quarry
Passage of Time-24/Jul/12Horseshoe Quarry
The Sewer-24/Jul/12Horseshoe Quarry
Potty-24/Jul/12Horseshoe Quarry
Thomas Crapper-24/Jul/12Horseshoe Quarry