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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Simba & Zambur 6a+ *** Lead 20/Oct Arhi
Les Pénibles 6a ** Lead 20/Oct Arhi
Adonis Extension 6b ** Lead 20/Oct Arhi
Ki Etsi 6b *** Lead 20/Oct Arhi
Etsi 6a *** Lead 20/Oct Arhi
Antarctic 6a * Lead 19/Oct Saint Photis
Cartier 6a * Lead 19/Oct Saint Photis
Elisabeth 6a ** Lead 19/Oct Saint Photis
Miss Experience 6a+ ** Lead 19/Oct Saint Photis
David 6a+ ** Lead 19/Oct Saint Photis
Lafete Alm 6a+ *** Lead 17/Oct Gerakios
Queen Couine 6b *** Lead 17/Oct Gerakios
Gabou 6b *** Lead O/S 17/Oct Gerakios
L.H.O. 6b+ *** Lead O/S 17/Oct Gerakios
Pouce Twalda 6b+ *** Lead 17/Oct Gerakios
Express haute 6a ** Lead 17/Oct Gerakios
Teteonne Pas 6b ** Lead 17/Oct Gerakios
Crystal Line 6a *** Lead 17/Oct Gerakios
Le Retour du Stratege 6a ** Lead 16/Oct Prophitis Andreas
Pame Roger 6b+ *** Lead 16/Oct Prophitis Andreas
Prophet Andreas 7a *** Lead 16/Oct Prophitis Andreas
Il Passatore 6a Lead 14/Oct Eros
Grognon 6a+ Lead 14/Oct Eros
Poka 6b Lead 14/Oct Eros
The Fight of a Woman 6a+ Lead 14/Oct Eros