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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The Destitution of Threedonia6b+ Lead04/Sep/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
A Revolution for Dyspepsia6a Lead04/Sep/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Booze Cruise6b+ *Lead04/Sep/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Execution of Dysphasia6a Lead04/Sep/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Posing till the End5a *Lead04/Sep/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Crocodile Tears6c *Lead04/Sep/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Convert7a Lead04/Sep/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Suck on This6a+ Lead29/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Bolts 'R' Us6a+ Lead29/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Jelly Beans6a+ Lead29/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Regulo Mark 66b Lead29/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Addit Pillar6a+ Lead29/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Only Ken's Anarchy Will Do6b Lead29/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Would you like a Sweety6c *Lead29/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Mine Anarchy6a Lead29/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Another Roadside Attraction6a *Lead27/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Evolution of Micradia5c *Lead27/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Slate Gray Lining5c Lead27/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Garth was 'ere6a Lead27/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Jagged Edge6a+ *Lead26/Aug/15Blue Yonder
Snap To It6b Lead26/Aug/15Blue Yonder
Wild Blue Yonder6a+ *Lead26/Aug/15Blue Yonder
Stench in the Trench6b *Lead26/Aug/15Blue Yonder
Look Over Yonder5a Lead26/Aug/15Blue Yonder
Help, Help Me Yonder6a+ *Lead26/Aug/15Blue Yonder
SuscipiatVS 4c *Lead23/Aug/15Staden Main Quarry
Joint EffortHVS 5b ***Lead23/Aug/15Staden Main Quarry
XenophobiaE1 5a *Lead23/Aug/15Staden Main Quarry
Onwards and Upwards6a Lead22/Aug/15Stoney Middleton
Nowt about Change6b Lead22/Aug/15Stoney Middleton
The Destitution of Threedonia6b+ Lead19/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Booze Cruise6b+ *Lead19/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Desperation of Freedonia6a Lead19/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Swooping on Nigel's Ruby5c *Lead19/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Reincarnation Of Catatonia6a Lead19/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Destitution of Threedonia6b+ Lead16/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
A Revolution for Dyspepsia6a Lead16/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Scarlet Woman6a+ *Lead16/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Another Roadside Attraction6a *Lead16/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
It's a Hamster Mr. Fawlty6a+ *Lead16/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The One in Ten6a+ *Lead16/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
What a Pity6b Lead16/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Taste the Grit6b+ *Lead16/Aug/15Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Long Walk6b *Lead02/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Flexor Hallucis Longus6a Lead02/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Tooooo long6a *Lead02/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Long Time No See6a *Lead02/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
So Long, Farewell6a Lead02/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Belonging5c Lead02/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Doh6b *Lead02/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry