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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
K447a **Lead O/S04/May/15Galatiani
Nymfi7b+ **Lead O/S04/May/15Galatiani
Calcite star7a+ **Lead O/S04/May/15Galatiani
Syrtaki lesson7c+ ***Lead RP02/May/15Secret Garden
Chien Jaune7b+ ***Lead O/S02/May/15Secret Garden
Princesse Marine7c+ ***Lead O/S02/May/15Secret Garden
The call of the ktulu7c ***Lead O/S01/May/15Panorama
Leonides7b ***Lead O/S01/May/15The Spartan Walls
Dike7a ***Lead O/S01/May/15Jurassic Park
Schiza6c+ **Lead O/S30/Apr/15Glaros
More than Mode7b **Lead O/S30/Apr/15Irox
Daisy6b ***Lead O/S28/Apr/15E.T.
Poppy7b ***Lead O/S28/Apr/15E.T.
Rose6b ***Lead O/S28/Apr/15E.T.
Racomelo8b ***Lead RP26/Apr/15Iannis
Sens Unique7a ***Lead O/S26/Apr/15Iannis
Kalymnstorbe8b Lead RP25/Apr/15Arhi
Efkolo-Ziwi (Ziwi Ext right)7b+ ***Lead O/S25/Apr/15Arhi
Adonis6b ***Lead O/S25/Apr/15Arhi
Harry parterre7a **Lead O/S25/Apr/15Arhi
Kastor7a ***Lead O/S24/Apr/15Arhi
Mofeta7a ***Lead O/S24/Apr/15Arhi
Angelica8a ***Lead O/S24/Apr/15Arhi
Stanislas6a+ ***Lead O/S24/Apr/15Arhi
Princess of Telendos7c+ ***Lead O/S23/Apr/15Princess of Telendos
Roofopoulos8a+ ***Lead RP23/Apr/15Princess of Telendos
Scooby-Doo7b ***Lead O/S23/Apr/15Princess of Telendos
Viva Fidel6b **Lead O/S23/Apr/15Princess of Telendos
Odysseas the Donkey6a+ Lead O/S23/Apr/15Princess of Telendos
Il gigante e la bambina6c+ *Lead rpt21/Apr/15Odyssey
Marci Marc7c+ ***Lead rpt21/Apr/15Odyssey
Sardonique8a+ Lead21/Apr/15Odyssey
Super Themelina7c+ ***Lead RP20/Apr/15Iannis
Nickel7a+ ***Lead O/S20/Apr/15Kalydna
Sunrise7a ***Lead O/S20/Apr/15Stankill & Ivory Tower
Elies7a+ **Lead O/S19/Apr/15Odyssey
Island Highway6c **Lead rpt19/Apr/15Odyssey
Andromeda7c+ ***Lead RP19/Apr/15Odyssey
Kamikaze7b ***Lead O/S09/Dec/14Sella
Aquí tampoco6c **Lead O/S09/Dec/14Sella
Kilroy was 'ere6c+ **Lead O/S09/Dec/14Sella
Patatas a lo pobre7b+ **Lead O/S08/Dec/14Gandia
Dónde hostias putas6b+ **Lead O/S08/Dec/14Gandia
Tercer ull7b *Lead O/S08/Dec/14Gandia
Botoia sakatu7c ***Lead O/S08/Dec/14Gandia
Don Diego7a+ ***Lead O/S08/Dec/14Gandia
Bovedón Bushes Route 17a+ **Lead dog07/Dec/14Gandia
Bovedón Bushes Route 26c **Lead O/S07/Dec/14Gandia
Perpetúan mobile7c ***Lead O/S07/Dec/14Gandia
Arcadia7c ***Lead O/S07/Dec/14Gandia