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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Subterfuge6b+ *- ??/Apr/12Chee Dale Upper
Quality Control7a **-Rob??/Apr/12Chee Dale Upper
Secret Gudgeon Society7b+ **Lead rptRob??/Mar/12Chee Dale Upper
Hungry Eyes7a+ **Lead RPRob??/Mar/12Chee Dale Upper
Incapacity Benefit7a+ **-Oli22/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
Rubicon7a ***-Oli22/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
Nothing Lasts Forever7b+ *-John Reed24/Sep/11Gordale Scar
Supercrack7a ***-John Reed17/Sep/11Lorry Park Quarry
The Squealer - Super Direct7c+ ***-John Reed17/Sep/11Lorry Park Quarry
Edge of Darkness6b+ **-John Reed, Rob10/Sep/11Lorry Park Quarry
Thunder Road6c+ *-John Reed, Rob10/Sep/11Lorry Park Quarry
Hell's Angels7b *-John Reed, Rob10/Sep/11Lorry Park Quarry
Deceptive7b *-John Reed, Rob10/Sep/11Lorry Park Quarry
Orcadian Donkey's Spotted Tail6c+ **-John Reed03/Sep/11Long Tor Quarry
Tatanka Yotanka7a+ **-John Reed03/Sep/11Long Tor Quarry
The Route of All Evil7a+ ***-Woody24/Jul/11Chapel Head Scar
La Mangoustine Scatouflange7a+ ***-Woody24/Jul/11Chapel Head Scar
Perverse Pepere7a **-Woody24/Jul/11Chapel Head Scar
Bleep and Booster7a **-Woody24/Jul/11Chapel Head Scar
Free and Easy7c **-Rob13/Jul/11Malham Cove
Wasted Youth7b **-Rob13/Jul/11Malham Cove
The Directissima6c ***-Rob02/Jul/11Kilnsey
Dominatrix7c ***-Rob02/Jul/11Kilnsey
New Mystique6b+ *-Rob18/Jun/11Kilnsey
The Masson Chronicles7b *-Gary05/Jun/11Masson Lees Quarry
Plucked7b+ *-Gary05/Jun/11Masson Lees Quarry
Pierluigi Galena7a -Gary05/Jun/11Masson Lees Quarry
Woof justice7a+ **-Gary05/Jun/11Masson Lees Quarry
Pocket Rocket6c **-Gary05/Jun/11Masson Lees Quarry
Eye, Eye6b+ **-Gary05/Jun/11Masson Lees Quarry
Who Sat On My Satsuma?6a *-Gary05/Jun/11Masson Lees Quarry
Fun In The Sun6a+ *-Gary05/Jun/11Masson Lees Quarry
Something Stupid7b *-Neil19/May/11Malham Cove
The OverhangV5 ***- 17/May/11Langdale Boulders
Contusion6c **-Rob14/May/11Pen Trwyn
Axle Attack7a+ ***-Rob14/May/11Pen Trwyn
I've Been a Bad, Bad Boy7c ***-Callum14/May/11Lower Pen Trwyn
Kaffe Fasset6b+ **-Becky12/May/11Lower Pen Trwyn
Khashoggis Ship6b -Becky12/May/11Lower Pen Trwyn
Down by the Sea7a+ *-Becky12/May/11Lower Pen Trwyn
Last Dog7b *-Luke27/Apr/11Gordale Scar
Defcon 37c+ ***-Luke27/Apr/11Gordale Scar
Strictly Ballroom7b *-Rob22/Apr/11Gordale Scar
Orcadian Donkey's Spotted Tail6c+ **-alex19/Apr/11Long Tor Quarry
Tatanka Yotanka7a+ **-alex19/Apr/11Long Tor Quarry
Eye, Eye6b+ **-John Reed16/Apr/11Masson Lees Quarry
Pocket Rocket6c **-John Reed16/Apr/11Masson Lees Quarry
Exo67a **-John Reed16/Apr/11Masson Lees Quarry
Exorcise7a+ *-John Reed16/Apr/11Masson Lees Quarry
Bison Fute7a+ *-John Reed16/Apr/11Masson Lees Quarry
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