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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
BroomstickVS 5a **Lead O/S25/May/09Witches' Quarry
WalewskaVS 4c ***2nd rpt25/May/09Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Blue SkyVS 4b ***AltLd O/S??/Apr/08Saddle Head
LimboVS 4c *-??/Apr/08Stennis Head
BludgeonHVS 5a **2nd O/S??/Apr/08Stennis Head
ManzokuE1 5b ***2nd??/Apr/08Stennis Head
East Corner 1S 4a Lead??/Apr/08Becks Point
Fossil TurdVS -??/Apr/08Becks Point
La Gendre6a+ 2nd O/S21/Oct/07Dali's Hole
The Horsin' Around Finish6a+ **2nd20/Oct/07Rainbow Slab Area
KongVS 4b **Lead28/Aug/07Carreg Bengam Bach
Kennedy's MileE1 5b 2nd28/Aug/07Carreg Bengam Bach
NeaVS 4b **AltLd28/Aug/07Clogwyn y Grochan
Phantom RibVS 4c **2nd28/Aug/07Clogwyn y Grochan
BrantVS 4c **2nd28/Aug/07Clogwyn y Grochan
ZeitgeistE1 5b ***2nd28/Aug/07Carreg Bengam Bach
HongVS 4b 2nd O/S27/Aug/07Carreg Bengam Bach
NexusE1 5b ***2nd dnf27/Aug/07Dinas Mot
Waxen DollE3 6a **TR dnf22/Aug/07Witches' Quarry
Peel OffVS 4c **Lead O/S22/Aug/07Witches' Quarry
RapunzleVS 5a **Lead O/S02/Aug/07Troy Quarry
Pink EdgeE2 5b **2nd01/Aug/07Troy Quarry
Chopping Block6a+ Lead24/Jul/07Giggleswick South
Knocking on Heaven's Door6a+ *Lead19/Jul/07Robin Proctor's Scar
Wheels On Fire6a+ **2nd19/Jul/07Robin Proctor's Scar
BelladonnaVD Solo11/Jul/07Witches' Quarry
Black MassHVS 5a,5b **Lead11/Jul/07Witches' Quarry
Right Hand CrackS *Lead O/S25/Jun/07Twistleton Scars
Subterranean Homesick Blues6a+ **2nd21/Jun/07Robin Proctor's Scar
Tombstone Blues6a Lead21/Jun/07Robin Proctor's Scar
Dr Frank(enstein)'s Nightmare5a Lead21/Jun/07Robin Proctor's Scar
Inertia Syndrome Revisited6a+ **2nd21/Jun/07Robin Proctor's Scar
Gallows PoleHVS 5a **Lead O/S05/Jun/07Egerton Quarry
God Save the QueenHVS 5a *Lead O/S05/Jun/07Egerton Quarry
LimboVS 4c *Lead??/May/07Stennis Head
Davy CrocketHVS 5a *2nd??/May/07The Castle
Wishful ThinkingE1 5b **2nd??/May/07The Castle
HerculesHVS 5a **2nd??/May/07Stennis Head
Highland FlingHS 4b Lead??/May/07Stennis Head
B-Team ButtressE1 5b **-??/Apr/07Crickmail Point (B-Team...
AeroVS 5a **-???/2007Crickmail Point (B-Team...
Midway WallS 2nd???/2007Twistleton Scars
Poker FaceE1 5b **Lead???/2007Pavey Ark
CarpetbaggerVS 4b **Lead???/2007Gimmer Crag
Roof Route LeftVS 5a -???/2007Hutton Roof Crags
Gorilla, GorillaVS 4c **-???/2007Hutton Roof Crags
ArcturusE1 5b ***-???/2007Pavey Ark
By-Pass RouteHVS 5a -???/2007Pavey Ark
Hobson's ChoiceVS 4b *-???/2007Pavey Ark
QuickstepVS 4b Lead???/2007Stennis Head