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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
LunakhodHVS 5a ***2nd O/S10/May/15Lower Sharpnose Point
Inkerman GrooveVS 4c ***2nd O/S09/May/15Chudleigh Rocks
WogsHVD ***Lead O/S09/May/15Chudleigh Rocks
Two Pints to CapelVS 4b *Lead rpt28/Apr/15Upton Slabs
ShadesHVD Solo18/Apr/15Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
ShadesHVD Solo18/Apr/15Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
Sherriffs BadgeVD -18/Apr/15Crooklets
SmearsVD -18/Apr/15Crooklets
MinkieS -18/Apr/15Crooklets
Rusty Bullet HoleVD -18/Apr/15Crooklets
PaddyM Solo17/Apr/15Hound Tor
Suspended SentenceHVS 5b *2nd rpt17/Apr/15Bench Tor
FruitflancaseE1 5a ***2nd16/Apr/15The Dewerstone
ValaHVS 5a **2nd16/Apr/15The Dewerstone
Rusty Bullet HoleVD Solo O/S15/Apr/15Crooklets
Sherriffs BadgeVD Solo O/S15/Apr/15Crooklets
SmearsVD Solo O/S15/Apr/15Crooklets
10VD Solo O/S15/Apr/15Crooklets
MinkieS Solo O/S15/Apr/15Crooklets
Sea ViewVD Solo O/S15/Apr/15Crooklets
The SmileE1 5a **2nd09/Apr/15Lower Sharpnose Point
KleptomaniacE1 5b **TR rpt06/Apr/15Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
HadrianE2 5b TR rpt06/Apr/15Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
MascaraVS 4c 2nd O/S03/Apr/15Trewavas Head Main Cliff
AvalancheVS 5a 2nd O/S03/Apr/15Trewavas Head Main Cliff
JoyS 4a 2nd O/S03/Apr/15Trewavas Head Main Cliff
MexicanoHS 4b 2nd O/S03/Apr/15Trewavas Head Main Cliff
VineyardVS 4b Lead O/S08/Feb/15The Dewerstone
Central GrooveHS 4b ***Lead rpt08/Feb/15The Dewerstone
Nose DecayE4 6a *-???/2015Screda Point
Lucky StreakE1 5b *-???/2015Screda Point
Lord Lucan is MissingE1 5b -???/2015Screda Point
SunVS 4c 2nd rpt28/Dec/14Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
KleptomaniacE1 5b **2nd rpt28/Dec/14Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
Fears for Tears Direct StartHVS 5a 2nd rpt28/Dec/14Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
Right Aretef4+ Sent O/S28/Dec/14Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
Dot MatrixV1 Sent O/S28/Dec/14Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
SandHVS 5b Lead25/Nov/14Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
MalawiVS 4b 2nd O/S16/Nov/14Foxhold Slabs
MozambiqueVS 4c *2nd rpt16/Nov/14Foxhold Slabs
SilkS 4a Lead rpt16/Nov/14Foxhold Slabs
SatinHVS 5a *2nd rpt16/Nov/14Foxhold Slabs
South face of the HornHS 4b Solo O/S09/Sep/14Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
South East ButtressD 4a **Lead rpt02/Aug/14Roche Rock
Corner & StaircaseD 3b 2nd rpt02/Aug/14Roche Rock
Tregagle's CrackS 4b 2nd rpt02/Aug/14Roche Rock
Tregagle's ButtressHS 4c Solo rpt02/Aug/14Roche Rock
Cold FeetS 5c **Solo O/S30/Jul/14Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
The Perpetual PessimistVS 5a Solo O/S30/Jul/14Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...
The Optimistic PessimistHVS 4c Solo O/S30/Jul/14Maer Cliff (aka Northcott...