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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Serious Beef6c Lead rptdarcan15/Jul/14Kirrie Hill
Ginger's Jewals6b+ Lead rpt 07/Jul/14Kirrie Hill
Ratbag6a *Lead rptdarcan03/Jul/14Legaston Quarry
Everything Must Go6a Leaddarcan01/Jul/14Legaston Quarry
Bomber6a+ Lead rptdarcan01/Jul/14Legaston Quarry
Power Flower6c *Leadgeorge26/Jun/14Rob's Reed
Sweet Revenge6a+ **Lead rptdarcan25/Jun/14Legaston Quarry
Lap Dancing6b+ *Leaddarcan20/Jun/14Weem Crags
The Sheep of Things to come...6b+ Leaddarcan19/Jun/14Rob's Reed
High Voltage6b+ Lead rptdarcan19/Jun/14Rob's Reed
The Deil's Heid5c ***Leadgeorge06/Jun/14Arbroath
Be Calmed5c Leadgeorge06/Jun/14Arbroath
Dig Deep6c+ TR 04/Nov/13Kirrie Hill
The Trial of Brother Number One6a+ Lead 22/Aug/13Weem Crags
Twilight Shift6c Lead 22/Aug/13Rockdust
Scooby Snacks6a Lead 24/Jun/13Weem Crags
One Step Beyond6a Lead 24/Jun/13Weem Crags
The Soup Dragon5a Lead 24/Jun/13Weem Crags
Staring at the Sun5c Lead 24/Jun/13Weem Crags
Down to the Last Heartbreak6a Lead 24/Jun/13Weem Crags
Lighten Up6a *Lead 24/Jun/13Weem Crags
The Real McKay6a Lead 24/Jun/13Weem Crags
The Protection Racket6a *Lead 24/Jun/13Weem Crags
Let there be Rock6a+ Lead rpt 17/Dec/12Kirrie Hill
Wrong Turn5c Lead rpt ??/Nov/12Kirrie Hill
Seeing the Light6a+ Lead rpt ??/Nov/12Kirrie Hill
Boarding Party6b Lead rpt ??/Oct/12Kirrie Hill
Hanging by a Thrum hold6b Lead rpt ??/Oct/12Kirrie Hill
Wisdom's door6b+ Lead rpt ??/Oct/12Kirrie Hill
Badly Overdrawn Boy6a+ Lead rpt ??/Oct/12Kirrie Hill
Joining the Debt Set6b Lead rpt ??/Oct/12Kirrie Hill
Wings Would Help6a+ Lead rpt ??/Oct/12Kirrie Hill
Fly Boy6b Lead rpt ??/Oct/12Kirrie Hill
Done and Dusted6b Lead rpt ??/Oct/12Kirrie Hill
Awe!6a+ **Lead rpt ??/Oct/12Kirrie Hill
Stiff Little Fingers6b **Lead rpt ??/Oct/12Kirrie Hill
Touch Too Much7a Lead rpt 05/Sep/12Kirrie Hill
Monkey See, Monkey Do6b+ Lead rpt 05/Sep/12Kirrie Hill
The Zoo6a+ Lead rpt 05/Sep/12Kirrie Hill
Minitial4a Lead 17/Aug/12Arbroath
Minimal4c Lead 17/Aug/12Arbroath
Minimical6a+ Lead 17/Aug/12Arbroath
Looney Tunes5c Lead 14/Aug/12Arbroath
Disney Look Too Bad6a Lead 14/Aug/12Arbroath
A Grand Day Out4c Lead 14/Aug/12Arbroath
The Wrong Trousers4a Lead 14/Aug/12Arbroath
Pinky and the Brain4a Lead 14/Aug/12Arbroath
The Pearls of Penelope Pitstop6a+ Lead 14/Aug/12Arbroath
Rugrats Revenge5a Lead 14/Aug/12Arbroath
Forfaraway6b Lead rpt 26/Jul/12Rob's Reed
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