391 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Nice and Sleazyf7C+ ***Sent30/Jul/15Dumbarton Rock
Malky's Chickenf7B+ Sent30/Jul/15Dumbarton Rock
Cautious Lipf6B *Sent30/Jul/15Dumbarton Rock
Gorilla Warfaref7A+ **Sent30/Jul/15Dumbarton Rock
John's Dynof6B+ **Sent22/Jul/15Dumbarton Rock
Gorilla Hanging Startf7A Sent22/Jul/15Dumbarton Rock
Crimp!f6B+ Sent16/Jul/15Dumbarton Rock
Bust My Chopsf7A **Sent08/Jul/15Dumbarton Rock
Nemesis SSf6B **Sent28/Jun/15Dumbarton Rock
Lady-in-waitingf7A Sent23/Jun/15Queens Crag
First Problemf4+ Sent23/Jun/15Queens Crag
Ace of Spadesf6A Sent23/Jun/15Queens Crag
The Magician's Nephewf6B+ **Sent10/Jun/15Queens Crag
Left Ribf6C Sent03/Jun/15Gouther Crags
J Mascisf7A+ ***Sent03/Jun/15Gouther Crags
Picnic Sarcastic - Direct Finishf7B+ **Sent30/May/15The Bowderstone
Mestizo 'Direct'f7A Sent24/May/15Dumbarton Rock
Hoopf7C ***Sent24/May/15Dumbarton Rock
Shin Sekaif6C+ *Sent24/May/15Dumbarton Rock
Malkiedf7C ***Sent13/May/15Dumbarton Rock
Andy's Aretef7A **Sent13/May/15Dumbarton Rock
Mestizof6A ***Sent01/May/15Dumbarton Rock
Head Buttf7A Sent01/May/15Dumbarton Rock
Bust My Chops RHf7A *Sent01/May/15Dumbarton Rock
Suck my Woolief6C Sent22/Apr/15Garheugh Point
Piratesf6A *Sent O/S22/Apr/15Garheugh Point
Use of Weaponsf7A+ **Sent16/Apr/15Garheugh Point
Flip the Birdf7A+ ***Sent08/Apr/15Garheugh Point
Flake wallf6A+ Sent08/Apr/15Garheugh Point
Colin and John's Stellar Adventuref6C **Sent21/Mar/15Craigmaddie
The Nose variationf6C *Sent21/Mar/15Craigmaddie
Bowfingerf6C ***Sent17/Mar/15Garheugh Point
Stretch Armstrongf7A+ **Sent17/Mar/15Garheugh Point
Katie's Rooff7A+ ***Sent14/Feb/15Monreith
Necktie6b+ *Sent x25/Oct/14North Berwick Law
Wild Iris5c *Sent O/S25/Oct/14North Berwick Law
Left Hand Route6a+ *Lead β25/Oct/14North Berwick Law
Snowwhitef6C ***Sent13/Jul/14Garheugh Point
Mike's Traversef6B+ ***Sent01/Jul/14Garheugh Point
Wobblyitis Assisf6A **Sent11/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Bouddha assisf6B Sent11/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
La Raie des Fessesf6C Sent11/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Le Cygnef6C **Sent11/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Le Tiroir/Rien de Bonf6A+ Sent10/Apr/14La Roche aux Sabots
Dune (El Poussif)f7A+ **Sent09/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
S'il Vous Plaitf7A Sent08/Apr/14Franchard Cuisiniere
Bizarre, Bizarref7A **Sent08/Apr/14Franchard Cuisiniere
Bizarre, Bizarre assisf7A+ **Sent08/Apr/14Franchard Cuisiniere
La Moreau (Black 23)f6A Sent07/Apr/14L'Elephant
Sein de Glacef7A Sent07/Apr/14L'Elephant