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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The CrackS 4a/b *2nd O/S 13/Jul/14Wyndcliffe
SinewHVS 5a **Lead O/S 13/Jul/14Wyndcliffe
FibreVS 4c **Lead O/S 13/Jul/14Wyndcliffe
SimplexVS 4c *Lead O/S 12/Jul/14Wintour's Leap
NibelheimVS 4c **AltLd O/S 12/Jul/14Wintour's Leap
Right Hand RouteHS 4b AltLd rpt 12/Jul/14Wintour's Leap
Joe's RouteVS 4c *Lead O/S 12/Jul/14Wintour's Leap
Lundy Boy6b *Lead dog 03/Jul/14Tirpentwys
The Cragmeister6b **Lead dog 03/Jul/14Tirpentwys
Rocky6a *Lead rpt 03/Jul/14Tirpentwys
Leading Edge6a *Lead O/S 03/Jul/14Tirpentwys
Rocky6a *Lead rpt 26/Jun/14Tirpentwys
Twisted logic6b *Lead O/S 26/Jun/14Tirpentwys
Mental Mantles6a *Lead rpt 26/Jun/14Tirpentwys
Diamond Dog6b *Lead rpt 26/Jun/14Tirpentwys
The Chimney Finish6a *Lead rpt 26/Jun/14Tirpentwys
Flakes and Chips6b *Lead O/S 26/Jun/14Tirpentwys
Christian broke my flake6a+ **Lead dog 19/Jun/14Crag X Gilwern Hill
Go with the flow6a Lead rpt 19/Jun/14Crag X Gilwern Hill
Johnny takes a tumble6a *Lead rpt 19/Jun/14Crag X Gilwern Hill
Snap crackle n Pop6a Lead rpt 19/Jun/14Crag X Gilwern Hill
Take me up the Hindu Kush5c Lead rpt 19/Jun/14Crag X Gilwern Hill
To Dai or not to Dai5c Lead rpt 19/Jun/14Crag X Gilwern Hill
Under a blood red sky5c *Lead rpt 19/Jun/14Crag X Gilwern Hill
AcousticVD *Lead O/S 15/Jun/14Shorn Cliff
Hydraulic JumpVS 4c *Lead O/S 15/Jun/14Shorn Cliff
Heavy Plant CrossingVS 4c *Lead O/S 15/Jun/14Shorn Cliff
The Long ReachHVS 5a *2nd O/S 15/Jun/14Shorn Cliff
Damsel in DistressVS 4c Lead O/S 15/Jun/14Shorn Cliff
Suddenly Last SummerVS 4c 2nd rpt 12/Jun/14Llangattock Escarpment (Chwar...
PerkVS 4b *2nd rpt 12/Jun/14Llangattock Escarpment (Chwar...
Knight FlyerVS 4b Lead O/S 12/Jun/14Llangattock Escarpment (Chwar...
LimboVS 4c *2nd rpt 15/May/14Penallta
Y-FrontsS Lead rpt 15/May/14Penallta
The GibbonS Lead O/S 15/May/14Penallta
Devils in hellVD Lead 15/May/14Penallta
Direct FinishVS 4c *2nd rpt 15/May/14Penallta
Alley OopS 4a 2nd rpt 15/May/14Penallta
Fly Me To The MoonVS 5a **Lead rpt 28/Nov/13Navigation Quarry
Let Me Play Amongst The StarsE2 5c **2nd rpt 28/Nov/13Navigation Quarry
On Jupiter And MarsE1 5b **2nd rpt 28/Nov/13Navigation Quarry
Crash Landing6a Lead rpt 28/Nov/13Navigation Quarry
To Dai or not to Dai5c Lead dnf 04/Nov/13Crag X Gilwern Hill
Under a blood red sky5c *Lead dog 04/Nov/13Crag X Gilwern Hill
Rocky6a *Lead rpt 04/Nov/13Tirpentwys
Crumlin at the edges6a Lead rpt 04/Nov/13Tirpentwys
Mental Mantles6a *Lead rpt 24/Oct/13Tirpentwys
Diamond Dog6b *TR rpt 24/Oct/13Tirpentwys
The yolk's on you4c Lead rpt 24/Oct/13Tirpentwys
Crumlin at the seams6a Lead rpt 24/Oct/13Tirpentwys
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