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NameStyleDate Crag name
QuestorLead O/S08/Feb/15Wyndcliffe
The Firebird2nd O/S08/Feb/15Wyndcliffe
Klute2nd O/S08/Feb/15Wyndcliffe
Cardiac2nd O/S08/Feb/15Wyndcliffe
Lunar LandscapeLead O/S??/Nov/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Ash Tree WallLead O/S??/Nov/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Ant's WallLead O/S26/Oct/14Yarncliffe Quarry
Angular ClimbLead O/S26/Oct/14Yarncliffe Quarry
Cardinal's AreteLead O/S26/Oct/14Yarncliffe Quarry
Slab Recess DirectLead O/S26/Oct/14Froggatt Edge
Trapeze DirectLead O/S26/Oct/14Froggatt Edge
Narrow ButtressLead O/S25/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Gargoyle VariantLead O/S25/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Beech Tree Wall (Birch Tree Wall)Lead O/S25/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Right On2nd O/S25/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Hollybush Crack2nd O/S25/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Limbo2nd O/S07/Aug/14Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge...
GT Special2nd dog07/Aug/14Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge...
Gremlin GrooveLead O/S12/Jul/14Goblin Combe
GondolinLead O/S12/Jul/14Goblin Combe
Bowser's CastleTR O/S12/Jul/14Goblin Combe
Needle RidgeLead O/S05/Jul/14The Napes
Stroof2nd O/S22/Jun/14Subluminal
Skinhead2nd O/S22/Jun/14Subluminal
JokerLead O/S22/Jun/14Subluminal
LedgendLead O/S21/Jun/14Guillemot Ledge
The Spook2nd O/S21/Jun/14Guillemot Ledge
ElrondLead O/S26/May/14Goblin Combe
Moments in Space2nd O/S26/May/14Goblin Combe
The Goblin King2nd O/S26/May/14Goblin Combe
Treebeard Direct2nd O/S26/May/14Goblin Combe
Bifur2nd O/S09/May/14Goblin Combe
The Clockwork FingerflakeLead05/May/14Goblin Combe
SarumanLead O/S05/May/14Goblin Combe
GandalfLead O/S05/May/14Goblin Combe
Disaster AreaLead O/S05/May/14Goblin Combe
EsgarothLead O/S05/May/14Goblin Combe
Heaven Can WaitLead O/S30/Mar/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Halfway to KansasLead O/S30/Mar/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Back to BasicsLead O/S30/Mar/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Anty MatterLead O/S30/Mar/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Equals NotLead O/S30/Mar/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Rob's CrackLead O/S30/Mar/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Right Hand RouteLead O/S08/Mar/14Wintour's Leap
Corner Buttress Route 1Lead O/S08/Mar/14Wintour's Leap
C.M GullyLead O/S??/Feb/14Stag Rocks
Fiacaill RidgeSolo??/Feb/14Coire an t'Sneachda
Pink FlamingoLead O/S07/Sep/13Little Smoke Bluffs
Cat Crack2nd O/S07/Sep/13Little Smoke Bluffs
Sally Five FingersLead O/S07/Sep/13Little Smoke Bluffs