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Logbook for tundraboy

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Chaipaval summitsummit - 14/Mar/14Chaipaval
Greabhal summitsummit - 14/Mar/14Greabhal
An Coileach summitsummit - 13/Mar/14An Coileach
Heileasbhal Mor summitsummit - 13/Mar/14Heileasbhal Mor
Clisham summitsummit - 12/Mar/14Clisham
Uisgnaval Mor summitsummit - 12/Mar/14Uisgnaval Mor
Tirga Mor summitsummit - 11/Mar/14Tiorga Mor
Oreval summitsummit - 11/Mar/14Oreval
Craiglee summitsummit - 04/Mar/14Craiglee
Benbeoch summitsummit - 03/Mar/14Benbeoch
Meall an t-Slamain summitsummit - 28/Feb/14Meall an t-Slamain
Leana Mhor summitsummit - 27/Feb/14Leana Mhor
Sgorr na Ciche (Pap of Glencoe) summitsummit - 26/Feb/14Sgorr na Ciche (Pap of...
Meall Mor summitsummit - 25/Feb/14Meall Mor
Sgorr a'Choise summitsummit - 25/Feb/14Sgorr a'Choise
Meall a'Chrathaich summitsummit - 06/Feb/14Meall a'Chrathaich
Carn na h-Easgainn summitsummit - 05/Feb/14Carn na h-Easgainn
Carn nan Tri-tighearnan summitsummit - 04/Feb/14Carn nan Tri-tighearnan
Carn Gorm summitsummit - 03/Feb/14Carn Gorm
Broughton Heights summitsummit - 01/Feb/14Broughton Heights
Penvalla summitsummit - 01/Feb/14Penvalla
Trahenna Hill summitsummit - 01/Feb/14Trahenna Hill
Black Mount summitsummit - 31/Jan/14Black Mount
Broomy Law summitsummit - 31/Jan/14Broomy Law
Mendick Hill summitsummit - 30/Jan/14Mendick Hill
Wether Law summitsummit - 30/Jan/14Wether Law
Slieau Freoaghane summitsummit - 25/Jan/14Slieau Freoaghane
Snaefell summitsummit - 25/Jan/14Snaefell
Bradda Hill summitsummit - 24/Jan/14Bradda Hill
Mull Hill summitsummit - 24/Jan/14Mull Hill
South Barrule summitsummit - 24/Jan/14South Barrule
Cairnkinna Hill summitsummit - 20/Jan/14Cairnkinna Hill
Carn Dearg summitsummit - 17/Jan/14Carn Dearg
Beinn Sgluich summitsummit - 16/Jan/14Beinn Sgluich
Airds Hill summitsummit - 16/Jan/14Airds Hill
Beinn Bhan summitsummit - 15/Jan/14Beinn Bhan
Beinn Donn summitsummit - 14/Jan/14Beinn Donn
Beinn Churalain summitsummit - 14/Jan/14Beinn Churalain
Lord Arthur's Hill summitsummit - 10/Jan/14Lord Arthur's Hill
Knock Hill summitsummit - 09/Jan/14Knock Hill
Bin of Cullen summitsummit - 09/Jan/14Bin of Cullen
Meikle Balloch Hill summitsummit - 08/Jan/14Meikle Balloch Hill
Fourman Hill summitsummit - 08/Jan/14Fourman Hill
Burgiehill summitsummit - 07/Jan/14Burgiehill
Hill of the Wangie summitsummit - 07/Jan/14Hill of the Wangie
Cārn Bān summitsummit - ???/2014Càrn Bàn
White Top of Culreoch summitsummit - 16/Dec/13White Top of Culreoch
Bengray summitsummit - 16/Dec/13Bengray
Meall Tairneachan summitsummit - 07/Dec/13Meall Tairneachan
Farragon Hill summitsummit - 07/Dec/13Farragon Hill
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