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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Uganda Wallnone 5c ***-???/2013Under Rockes
Fireballnone 5c **-???/2013Under Rockes
Evening Aretenone 5a **-???/2013Under Rockes
No Ghosts/Roger's Wallnone 5b -???/2013Under Rockes
Lamplightnone 5b ***-???/2013Under Rockes
Thin Wallnone 5b *-???/2013Ramslye Farm Rocks
Cut Holdsnone 3b *-???/2013Ramslye Farm Rocks
Undercutnone 3b -???/2013Ramslye Farm Rocks
Jambernone 2a -???/2013Ramslye Farm Rocks
Short Wallnone 4a -???/2013Ramslye Farm Rocks
Nose Threenone 3b *-???/2013High Rocks Annexe
Purgatorynone 5a *-???/2013High Rocks Annexe
Middle and Offnone 5a *-???/2013High Rocks Annexe
Middle Stumpnone 5b *-???/2013High Rocks Annexe
Leg Stumpnone 5a *-???/2013High Rocks Annexe
Limpet Cracknone 4a *-???/2013High Rocks Continuation Wall
Stalacite Wallnone 3b **-???/2013High Rocks Continuation Wall
Jug Aretenone 3b -???/2013High Rocks Continuation Wall
Turret Facenone 4b **-???/2013High Rocks Continuation Wall
Windy Wallnone 5a *-???/2013High Rocks Continuation Wall
Port Cracknone 4b *-???/2013High Rocks Continuation Wall
Orion Cracknone 4c **-???/2013High Rocks
Steps Cracknone 5b ***-???/2013High Rocks
Krankenkopf Cracknone 5b **-???/2013High Rocks
Henry the Ninthnone 5b **-???/2013High Rocks
Marquitanone 5c *-???/2013High Rocks
Lucitanone 5c *-???/2013High Rocks
Effienone 5b **-???/2013High Rocks
Coronation Cracknone 5c ***-???/2013High Rocks
Shelter Chimneynone 2b *-???/2013High Rocks
Shelter Slabsnone 5b -???/2013High Rocks
Advertisment Wall Directnone 5c ***-???/2013High Rocks
Advertisement Wallnone 5b **-???/2013High Rocks
Quirkusnone 4c -???/2013High Rocks
Mulligan's Wallnone 5c **-???/2013High Rocks
Hut Transverse Passage - Central Routenone 3b -???/2013High Rocks
Tilley Lamp Cracknone 6a **-???/2013High Rocks
Easy Cracknone 2a *-???/2013High Rocks
Crack Routenone 4c **-???/2013High Rocks
Pinchgripnone 5c *-???/2013High Rocks
Pussyfootnone 5b **-???/2013High Rocks
Swing Facenone 5b *-???/2013High Rocks
Birthday Aretenone 5b **-???/2013High Rocks
Roof Routenone 5a *-???/2013High Rocks
Cough Dropnone 5b *-???/2013High Rocks
Bludnok Wallnone 5c *-???/2013High Rocks
Odin's Wallnone 5c **-???/2013High Rocks
Degeneratenone 5a *-???/2013High Rocks
Ordinary Routenone 4a *-???/2013High Rocks
Forknone 5c **-???/2013High Rocks