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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
WhittVS 4c ***Lead O/SJack Atkins23/Nov/11Symonds Yat
HomoeopathS *LeadJack Atkins23/Nov/11Symonds Yat
Gripfruit JuiceHS 4b 2nd O/SJack Atkins23/Nov/11Symonds Yat
EmeraldVD Lead O/SJack Atkins23/Nov/11Symonds Yat
Traveller's RestVD *2nd O/SJack Atkins23/Nov/11Symonds Yat
ScatologyS 2nd O/SJack Atkins23/Nov/11Symonds Yat
ButterflyVS 4c *2nd O/SJack Atkins20/Apr/11Wintour's Leap
MothHS 4b *2nd O/SJack Atkins20/Apr/11Wintour's Leap
Flies RiseHVS 5a *AltLd O/SJack Atkins20/Apr/11Wintour's Leap
The SplitVS 5a *Lead O/SJack Atkins20/Apr/11Wintour's Leap
Central Rib Route IS 4a **AltLd O/SJack Atkins20/Apr/11Wintour's Leap
Central Rib Route IIVS 5a *LeadJack Atkins20/Apr/11Wintour's Leap
Left Hand RouteHS 4b **Lead O/SJack Atkins10/Apr/11Wintour's Leap
ZeldaHS 4b ***AltLd O/SJack Atkins10/Apr/11Wintour's Leap
Rob's CrackVS 4c ***2nd O/SJack Atkins13/Mar/11Fairy Cave Quarry
Balch's SlideHS 4a *Lead O/SJack Atkins13/Mar/11Fairy Cave Quarry
The Conning TowerS 4a 2nd O/SJack Atkins13/Mar/11Fairy Cave Quarry
Withy CrackHVS 5a **Lead O/SJack Atkins13/Mar/11Fairy Cave Quarry
FarewellHS 4b Lead O/S 20/Feb/11Symonds Yat
Rootin TootVD 2nd O/S 20/Feb/11Symonds Yat
The Seven Deadly DwarvesVD *Lead O/S 20/Feb/11Symonds Yat
DescenderD Lead O/S 19/Feb/11Symonds Yat
VertigoS *Lead rpt 19/Feb/11Symonds Yat
Needle Rock GullyD 2nd O/S 19/Feb/11Symonds Yat
Red RackVD Lead O/S 19/Feb/11Symonds Yat
Musta BindunVD 2nd O/S 19/Feb/11Symonds Yat
VertigoS *2nd O/S 29/Jan/11Symonds Yat
Root RouteD 2nd O/S 29/Jan/11Symonds Yat
EmbryoVD Lead O/S 29/Jan/11Symonds Yat
LocustVD 2nd O/S 29/Jan/11Symonds Yat
Snoozin' SuzieVD **Lead O/S 29/Jan/11Symonds Yat
Tom's Patience4a *Lead O/S ??/Dec/10Winspit
Know What I Mean Pal6a *Lead O/S ??/Dec/10Winspit
Anne-Marie Paid my Fee4c Lead O/S ??/Dec/10Winspit
Chicago Pipe Dreaming6a *Lead O/S ??/Aug/10Dancing Ledge
Borra Ring5c *Lead O/S ??/Aug/10Dancing Ledge
The War of the Wardens5c Lead O/S ??/Aug/10Dancing Ledge
Goddam Sexual Tyrannosaurus5c Lead O/S ??/Aug/10Hedbury
New Age, New Style5c *Lead O/S ??/Aug/10Hedbury
Moral Flexibility5a *Lead O/S ??/Aug/10Hedbury
Sea View3 *Lead O/S ??/Aug/10Hedbury
Little Chef5c *Lead O/S ??/Apr/10The Cuttings
Chalkie and the Hex 55c **Lead O/S ??/Apr/10The Cuttings
The Ramp4c *Lead O/S ??/Apr/10The Cuttings
Opus4a *Lead O/S ??/Apr/10The Cuttings
Flugerl5a Lead O/S ??/Jul/08Weissbach: Ort
Puzzel5c Lead O/S ??/Jul/08Weissbach: Ort
Funferweg5a Lead O/S ??/Jul/08Weissbach: Ort
Matador5a Lead O/S ??/Jul/08Weissbach: Ort
VS5c Lead O/S ??/Jul/08Weissbach: Ort
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