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NameStyleDate Crag name
Puddle JumperLead RP06/May/07Malham Cove
What's this for...!Sent x31/Mar/07Woodwell
The Edge Problem Sit StartSent x26/Mar/07Cromlech boulders
The RampSent O/S26/Mar/07Cromlech boulders
Fluted ColumnsSolo O/S05/Feb/07Almscliff
Finger DancerSolo O/S16/Jan/07Brandrith
Totally FlummoxedSent x16/Jan/07Brandrith
Problem ChildSent O/S16/Jan/07Brandrith
Antlers RouteSolo O/S16/Jan/07Brandrith
Dinosaur Adventure 3DSent x24/Dec/06Lower Montcliffe Quarry
TigerSent x16/Dec/06Burbage South Valley Boulders
Razor RoofSent x09/Dec/06Cratcliffe Tor
Not My StileSent x06/Nov/06Caley Crags
Y-FrontSent x14/Oct/06Bowden Doors
Bloody NoseSolo O/S14/Oct/06Bowden Doors
Mr. SmoothSent x21/Sep/06Caley Crags
Back StabberSent x21/Sep/06Caley Crags
Forked Lightning CrackSent x18/Sep/06Caley Crags
Otley WallSent x18/Sep/06Caley Crags
The CrucifixSent O/S16/Sep/06Almscliff
Lew's LeapSent O/S13/Sep/06Pex Hill Quarry
Harvey WallbangerSent O/S13/Sep/06Pex Hill Quarry
Tequila SunriseSent O/S13/Sep/06Pex Hill Quarry
CommandoSent x13/Sep/06Pex Hill Quarry
HandshakeSent O/S13/Sep/06Pex Hill Quarry
Pisa WallSent O/S13/Sep/06Pex Hill Quarry
Eliminate WallSent O/S13/Sep/06Pex Hill Quarry
Boyd's CrackSolo O/S14/Aug/06Stanage North
LimboSolo O/S14/Aug/06Stanage North
Tango CrackSolo O/S14/Aug/06Stanage North
Tango ButtressSolo O/S14/Aug/06Stanage North
Kelly's VariationSolo O/S14/Aug/06Stanage North
Lancashire PothotSent x25/Jul/06Brownstones
Eastern SlabSolo O/S23/Jul/06The Ravenstones
Green WallLead O/S23/Jul/06The Ravenstones
Snakey BSent x22/Jul/06Wilton 1
Central SlopersSent x19/Jul/06Deeply Vale
Lion to RhinoSent x19/Jul/06Deeply Vale
Rhino to LionSent x19/Jul/06Deeply Vale
Pleasant SlabSent O/S19/Jul/06Deeply Vale
MoveSolo O/S15/Jul/06Stanage North
Slow DownSolo O/S15/Jul/06Stanage North
StartSolo O/S15/Jul/06Stanage North
FasterSolo O/S15/Jul/06Stanage North
Good TimeSolo O/S15/Jul/06Stanage North
The RackSolo O/S15/Jul/06Stanage North
Another TurnSolo O/S15/Jul/06Stanage North
The PinionSolo O/S15/Jul/06Stanage North
The ArielSolo O/S15/Jul/06Stanage North
Prospero's ClimbSolo O/S15/Jul/06Stanage North