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Logbook for Pughymonster

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Brittle Biscuit4c *Lead rptDawes22/May/13Crag X Gilwern Hill
Back, crack and sack5a *Lead dogDawes22/May/13Crag X Gilwern Hill
Parachute (2)S 4a *2nd O/SDawes05/May/13Symonds Yat
Jilted JohnS 4a *2nd O/SDawes05/May/13Symonds Yat
Joyce's RouteS 4a **2nd O/SDawes05/May/13Symonds Yat
AcousticVD *Lead O/SDawes26/Apr/13Shorn Cliff
...One for AllHS 4b **2nd O/SDawes26/Apr/13Shorn Cliff
Wolf WhistleS *2nd O/SDawes26/Apr/13Shorn Cliff
Shrew5a Lead O/SDawes02/Mar/13Tirpentwys
The Chimney Finish6a *TR βDawes02/Mar/13Tirpentwys
Mental Mantles6a *Lead dogDawes02/Mar/13Tirpentwys
Ledge and Braces5a Lead dogDawes02/Mar/13Tirpentwys
Crumlin towards England5a Lead dogDawes02/Mar/13Tirpentwys
Snoozin' SuzieVD **2nd O/SDawes30/Aug/12Symonds Yat
Golden FleeceHS 4b **2nd O/SDawes30/Aug/12Symonds Yat
SeamstressVS 4c ***2nd O/SDawes25/Mar/12Serengeti
Sodor5c Lead dogDawes25/Mar/12Australia
Hawk Eye5c *Lead O/SDawes24/Mar/12Never Never Land
Fresh Air6a **Lead O/SDawes24/Mar/12Never Never Land
Tomb Raider6a *AltLd O/SDawes24/Mar/12Never Never Land
3625c *AltLd O/SDawes24/Mar/12Never Never Land
Side line4c *Lead O/SDawes23/Mar/12Australia
Rack and pin5c Lead O/SDawes23/Mar/12Australia
The Level crossing5c Lead O/SDawes23/Mar/12Australia
Those who climb clearly marked projects...5c **Lead O/SDawes23/Mar/12Australia
The Railway children6a Lead O/SDawes23/Mar/12Australia
Surprise Surprise6a *Lead O/SDawes23/Mar/12Australia
Steps of Glory5a *Lead O/SDawes23/Mar/12Australia
Point of Principle5a Lead O/SDawes20/Mar/12Tintern Quarry
Star Ship Troopers5c Lead O/SDawes20/Mar/12Tintern Quarry
Crow6a Lead dogDawes20/Mar/12Tintern Quarry
Windoze4c Lead O/SDawes20/Mar/12Tintern Quarry
Paw Me4c Lead O/S 19/Jun/11Tirpentwys
By deFault line5a Lead O/S 19/Jun/11Tirpentwys
The yolk's on you4c Lead O/S 19/Jun/11Tirpentwys
Crumlin at the seams6a Lead O/S 19/Jun/11Tirpentwys
Crumlin at the edges6a Lead O/S 19/Jun/11Tirpentwys
Flidington Rex5a Lead O/S 13/Jun/11Mount Pleasant X1
Rhondda Tan5a Lead O/S 13/Jun/11Mount Pleasant X1
ButterflyVS 4c *2nd dog 06/Jun/11Wintour's Leap
Swallow's NestVS 4c **2nd dog 06/Jun/11Wintour's Leap
Jug fest4c *Lead O/S 27/May/11Crag X Gilwern Hill
There's no business like flow business5c Lead O/S 27/May/11Crag X Gilwern Hill
A paddock full of ponies5a Lead O/S 27/May/11Crag X Gilwern Hill
Stress ArÍteE1 5b *TR dog 24/May/11Symonds Yat
Happy EndingE2 5a TR O/S 24/May/11Symonds Yat
Pam's PrideVS 4c **TR rpt 24/May/11Symonds Yat
Pam's PrideVS 4c **TR O/S 13/May/11Symonds Yat
Southern ComfortVS 4c *TR O/S 13/May/11Symonds Yat
Louisiana BelleHS 4b TR O/S 13/May/11Symonds Yat
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