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NameStyleDate Crag name
Time OutLead β15/Mar/14Ramshaw Rocks
Louie GrooveLead O/S15/Mar/14Ramshaw Rocks
The Crank2nd O/S15/Mar/14Ramshaw Rocks
Verbal Abuse StartLead O/S01/Nov/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Boot Boys StartLead O/S01/Nov/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
StrawberriesLead30/Oct/13Curbar Edge
Gorilla WarfareLead30/Oct/13Curbar Edge
ExcaliburLead O/S12/Oct/13Lawrencefield
The Big Red Jacket (The Last Wet Wednesday)2nd12/Oct/13Lawrencefield
The Crystal MazeLead O/S12/Aug/13Smalldale Quarry
Just Passing ThroughLead O/S12/Aug/13Smalldale Quarry
Sock it to 'emLead O/S12/Aug/13Smalldale Quarry
Stone the CrowsLead O/S12/Aug/13Smalldale Quarry
Learn the LingoLead O/S12/Aug/13Smalldale Quarry
More Chattery TeethLead O/S12/Aug/13Smalldale Quarry
Open SeasonLead O/S12/Aug/13Smalldale Quarry
Upminster KidLead O/S12/Aug/13Smalldale Quarry
Friend 15Lead O/S12/Aug/13Smalldale Quarry
Shame on YouLead O/S12/Aug/13Smalldale Quarry
Single DeckerLead O/S12/Aug/13Smalldale Quarry
Triple SecLead O/S12/Aug/13Smalldale Quarry
The GymnicLead O/S19/Jun/13Ravensdale
TriaLead O/S19/Jun/13Ravensdale
Knight's MoveLead05/Jun/13Burbage North
Falstaff's InnominateLead05/Jun/13Burbage North
Rose FlakeLead05/Jun/13Burbage North
The Be AllLead05/Jun/13Burbage North
Spider Crack2nd05/Jun/13Burbage North
Tharf Cake2nd05/Jun/13Burbage North
Greeny Crack2nd05/Jun/13Burbage North
Footstool LeftLead O/S27/May/13Castle Naze
LaybackLead O/S27/May/13Castle Naze
Grasper-26/May/13Back Forest
Keep Face-26/May/13Back Forest
Leeds CrackLead O/S26/May/13Ramshaw Rocks
Honest JonnyLead O/S26/May/13Ramshaw Rocks
Joggled WallLead O/S13/Mar/13Three Cliffs Bay
ScavengerLead O/S13/Mar/13Three Cliffs Bay
Joggled Wall Direct2nd13/Mar/13Three Cliffs Bay
Left Edge2nd13/Mar/13Three Cliffs Bay
The RibLead O/S04/Mar/13Windgather Rocks
Small WallLead O/S04/Mar/13Windgather Rocks
PortfolioLead O/S04/Mar/13Windgather Rocks
Face Route 2Lead O/S04/Mar/13Windgather Rocks
Face Route 1Lead O/S04/Mar/13Windgather Rocks
First's AreteLead O/S04/Mar/13Windgather Rocks
Leg UpLead O/S04/Mar/13Windgather Rocks
Easy PeasyLead RP10/Jun/12Higgar Tor
Jupiter's Arete2nd O/S10/Jun/12Higgar Tor
SplintLead O/S10/Jun/12Higgar Tor