340 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Slopey Traverse Originalf6A+ Sent x22/Aug/15Lynmouth
Problem #48V4 6a+ ***Sent x15/Aug/15Godrevy
Piss PotV7 Sent x15/Aug/15Godrevy
Low Flat Holds To Breakf7A Sent x15/Aug/15Godrevy
Banana Finger Directf6C **Sent x02/Aug/15Burbage North
Banana Fingerf6A **Sent O/S02/Aug/15Burbage North
Hanging WallV5 6b Sent x02/Aug/15Burbage North
Cleo's Edgef5+ Sent O/S02/Aug/15Burbage North
Lean-tof6C *Sent x01/Aug/15Stanton in the Woods
Dark Ritesf6A+ Sent x01/Aug/15Stanton Moor
Straight No ChaserE5 6b **Sent18/Jul/15Haytor (or Hay Tor) Quarry
Freiweldf6C Sent O/S08/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Beach: Boulder 16 bf7A+ Sent x08/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Beach: Boulder 24 df7A+ *Sent O/S08/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Samurai Tangof7C **Sent x08/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Kamel: Boulder 17 df6B **Sent O/S07/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Beach Mantlef6C ***Sent x07/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Freiflug/Blindflugf7A **Sent x07/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Die Auferstanderungf7B Sent x06/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Fetes Schweinchenf6B *Sent O/S06/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Headhunterf6B *Sent O/S06/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Moos Kantef5 Sent x05/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Block 80: Die Schonef6C Sent O/S04/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Panzerknackerf7A Sent x04/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Block 1af6C Sent x03/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Bach: Boulder 22 af6A+ Sent O/S02/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Bosna Genialf7A *Sent x02/Jul/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
P65 (Javu) ProwV3 6a **Sent x25/Jun/15Hound Tor
5c WallV1 5b **Sent x25/Jun/15Hound Tor
Rich's TickV6 6c **Sent04/Jun/15Saddle Tor
Terror TwilightV5 6b ***Sent x27/May/15Bovey Woods
Hey Dude!V2 5c **Sent O/S24/May/15Bovey Woods
Sweet DudeV1 5b **Sent O/S24/May/15Bovey Woods
Steep Dude TraverseV5 6b **Sent x24/May/15Bovey Woods
Dudely MooreV4 6b *Sent x24/May/15Bovey Woods
Horny RidgeV3 6a/b *Sent x24/May/15Bovey Woods
Kobe!V3 5c Sent x16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
NowtzinV2 5c Sent O/S16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
The Odd CoupleV2 5b/c **Sent O/S16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
Black Spell of DestructionV6 6c **Sent x16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
Homo NecansV7 6c **Sent x16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
ExfoliationV3 5c/6a *Sent O/S16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
ExhumationV6 6b/c **Sent x16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
LiesV1 5b Sent O/S16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
ZanussiV4 6b **Sent x16/May/15Becka Brook Boulders
Back to BusinessV3 6a *Sent O/S22/Apr/15Bovey Woods
The Whole Nine YardsV5 6b **Sent x22/Apr/15Bovey Woods
BummedV2 5c *Sent x19/Apr/15Bovey Woods
The KnaveV6 6c **Sent x19/Apr/15Bovey Woods
The Guest ListV2 5c **Sent x19/Apr/15Bovey Woods