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NameStyleDate Crag name
Jezebel2nd O/S14/Oct/11Crag Lough
Sunset2nd O/S14/Oct/11Peel crag
Layback Buttress2nd O/S14/Oct/11Peel crag
Route One2nd O/S14/Oct/11Peel crag
La PetpluoktonculLead O/S06/Sep/11Chaine du Grand Travers...
La CAFLead O/S06/Sep/11Chaine du Grand Travers...
Vu et CorrigeLead O/S06/Sep/11Chaine du Grand Travers...
La MildiouLead O/S06/Sep/11Chaine du Grand Travers...
Point VirguleLead O/S06/Sep/11Chaine du Grand Travers...
AmbigueLead O/S06/Sep/11Chaine du Grand Travers...
La ToutLead O/S06/Sep/11Chaine du Grand Travers...
UlalaLead O/S05/Sep/11Ubrieux
AphroditeLead rpt05/Sep/11Ubrieux
Rambo VarriorLead rpt05/Sep/11Ubrieux
Rambo VarriorTR O/S05/Sep/11Ubrieux
KipertouLead rpt05/Sep/11Ubrieux
MikadoLead O/S05/Sep/11Ubrieux
Aphrodite2nd O/S05/Sep/11Ubrieux
L'ABCLead O/S05/Sep/11Ubrieux
HésitationLead O/S05/Sep/11Ubrieux
L'Octobule2nd O/S03/Sep/11Chaine du Grand Travers...
Super MollassonLead O/S03/Sep/11Chaine du Grand Travers...
Les MollasonsSolo O/S03/Sep/11Chaine du Grand Travers...
La GarceLead O/S03/Sep/11Chaine du Grand Travers...
L'Émile et Une NuitTR O/S02/Sep/11Baume Rousse
Concombre MasquéLead O/S02/Sep/11Baume Rousse
À SuivreLead O/S02/Sep/11Baume Rousse
La Cigale et la FourmiLead rpt02/Sep/11Baume Rousse
La Cigale et la FourmiTR O/S02/Sep/11Baume Rousse
SplachTR O/S01/Sep/11Ubrieux
La plante a scionTR O/S31/Aug/11Rocher de Saint-Julien
Le petit chevalTR O/S31/Aug/11Rocher de Saint-Julien
Eric a picTR O/S31/Aug/11Rocher de Saint-Julien
DesirelessTR O/S15/Jul/11Blacknor Far South
The Lizard of OzTR dog14/Jul/11Blacknor South
Do IxtlanTR O/S14/Jul/11Blacknor South
ImperfectTR O/S14/Jul/11Blacknor South
LifelineTR dnf14/Jul/11Blacknor South
It's My LifeTR O/S14/Jul/11Blacknor South
Well Done PoppetTR O/S14/Jul/11Blacknor South
Suburban DaveTR O/S14/Jul/11Blacknor Beach
Slabtastic (Sunday swing)Lead O/S14/Jul/11Blacknor Beach
My Little BuddhaLead O/S14/Jul/11Blacknor Beach
TombstoneTR O/S13/Jul/11Cheyne Wears Area
JasperTR O/S13/Jul/11Cheyne Wears Area
Future ImperfectTR dog13/Jul/11Cheyne Wears Area
Jacob's LadderTR O/S13/Jul/11Cheyne Wears Area
Wave WarriorTR O/S13/Jul/11Cheyne Wears Area
Valerie's PatioLead O/S13/Jul/11Cheyne Wears Area