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NameStyleDate Crag name
The Horn-09/Mar/14Caley Crags
Hidden Wall-08/Mar/14Brimham Rocks
RailingSent30/Sep/13Dumbarton Rock
His Eminence (start only)Sent29/Sep/13Bowden Doors
Cave LH ProblemSent29/Sep/13Bowden Doors
Zig Zag SSSent14/Sep/13Dumbarton Rock
Bampot AreteSent10/Sep/13Dumbarton Rock
The AreteSent01/Sep/13Seathwaite Bouldering Circuit
Best MateSent01/Sep/13Seathwaite Bouldering Circuit
Apiary AreteSent31/Aug/13St. Bees Head
Flip Flop Traverse / Problem 14 (Rockfax)Sent31/Aug/13St. Bees Head
Problem 15 (N) (Rockfax)Sent31/Aug/13St. Bees Head
Fisherman's DynoSent31/Aug/13St. Bees Head
Home RuleSent24/Aug/13Dumbarton Rock
TotoSent10/Aug/13Dumbarton Rock
The Elf DirectSent03/Aug/13Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
VerticalitySent03/Aug/13Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
The MantleSent20/Jul/13Craigmaddie
The CrackSent x08/Jun/13The Bowderstone
The RampSent x01/Jun/13The Bowderstone
The WizardSent x27/Apr/13Craigmore
TerrorSent x27/Apr/13Craigmore
HarmlessSent x27/Apr/13Craigmore
Hazelrigg WallSent x06/Jan/13Back Bowden Doors
MestizoSent x27/Sep/12Dumbarton Rock
Photo Opportunity AreteSent O/S19/Aug/12Hepburn
Titanic CrackSent x19/Aug/12Hepburn
2HBSent x08/Aug/12Dumbarton Rock
Headbanger (stand up)Sent x27/May/12St. Bees Head
Problem 36 (Rockfax)Sent x27/May/12St. Bees Head
SubliminalSent x27/May/12Woodwell
Problem 36 (Rockfax)Sent x26/May/12St. Bees Head
Punster's Crack2nd25/May/12The Cobbler
Club Crack2nd25/May/12The Cobbler
Hard Cheddar SSSent x22/May/12Dumbarton Rock
PitstopSent29/Apr/12Glen Croe Boulders (Southside)
Childs PlaySent x31/Mar/12Bowden Doors
Manta RHSent x31/Mar/12Bowden Doors
Canada CrackTR β31/Mar/12Bowden Doors
The Blue MeanieSent x24/Mar/12Dumbarton Rock
Magic FlutingSent β06/Mar/12Shaftoe Crags
Cob AreteSent O/S06/Mar/12Shaftoe Crags
Problem 20Sent x06/Mar/12Shaftoe Crags
StarboardSent x06/Mar/12Shaftoe Crags
Short CrackSent β06/Mar/12Shaftoe Crags
Axe HeadSent x25/Feb/12Shaftoe Crags
Incipient CrackSent x25/Feb/12Shaftoe Crags
Sloper MasterclassSent x25/Feb/12Shaftoe Crags
Not to be Taken AwaySent x25/Feb/12Shaftoe Crags
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