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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
BiancoVS 4b *2nd27/May/15Agden Rocher
Oak Tree WalkVS 4b **2nd27/May/15Agden Rocher
Bilberry AreteM Solo26/May/15Burbage North
Bilberry FaceVD AltLd26/May/15Burbage North
Bilberry CrackVD *Lead26/May/15Burbage North
Ash Tree CrackVD *Lead26/May/15Burbage North
Ash Tree WallHVD **Lead26/May/15Burbage North
Slanting CrackHS 4b 2nd20/May/15Stanage Plantation
CannonD Lead20/May/15Stanage Plantation
Bent CrackHVD **Lead17/May/15Stanage North
Knight's MoveHVS 5a ***2nd15/May/15Burbage North
Leaning Wall DirectVS 5a *2nd15/May/15Burbage North
Triangle CrackHVD 2nd15/May/15Burbage North
BaselessHVD *2nd15/May/15Burbage North
Elliott's Buttress DirectVS 4b **2nd13/May/15Gardoms Edge
Apple ArÍteVS 4b ***2nd13/May/15Gardoms Edge
ValhallaVS 5a **2nd04/May/15Stanage Plantation
Pegasus WallVS 4c *2nd04/May/15Stanage Plantation
Paradise AreteVS 4c **2nd04/May/15Stanage Plantation
Paradise WallVS 4c ***2nd04/May/15Stanage Plantation
Albert's AmbleHVD 2nd26/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Straight ChimneyVD 2nd26/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Oblique CrackS 4a 2nd26/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Via MediaVS 4c **2nd26/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Christmas CrackHS 4a ***2nd26/Apr/15Stanage Popular
NailsbaneHVD *Lead22/Apr/15Lawrencefield
Three Tree ClimbHS 4b ***2nd22/Apr/15Lawrencefield
Angular ClimbHVD Lead21/Apr/15Yarncliffe Quarry
Ant's WallHS 4a *2nd21/Apr/15Yarncliffe Quarry
Ant's CrackS 4a *Lead21/Apr/15Yarncliffe Quarry
LatecomerHS 4b *2nd21/Apr/15Yarncliffe Quarry
First SisterVS 4c **TR19/Apr/15Stanage North
Richard's SisterHS 4b *2nd19/Apr/15Stanage North
The ArielHVD *2nd19/Apr/15Stanage North
Victory CrackHS 4b **2nd15/Apr/15Birchen Edge
Bosun's WallS 4a 2nd15/Apr/15Birchen Edge
Bosun's CrackVD Lead15/Apr/15Birchen Edge
Twin Chimneys ButtressVS 4c **2nd10/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Balcony ButtressS 4a ***2nd10/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Balcony CracksS 4a *2nd10/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Balcony ClimbHS 4b *2nd10/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Heaven CrackVD ***Lead10/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Central RouteS 4a *2nd09/Apr/15Windgather Rocks
Chockstone ChimneyD *Lead09/Apr/15Windgather Rocks
Mississippi CrackS 4a **2nd09/Apr/15Windgather Rocks
Aged CrackS 4a *2nd09/Apr/15Windgather Rocks
FootprintVD *Lead09/Apr/15Windgather Rocks
The CornerD Lead09/Apr/15Windgather Rocks
ZigzagD *Lead09/Apr/15Windgather Rocks
TraditionalHS 4a *2nd09/Apr/15Windgather Rocks