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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Fluttuazioni6a+ ***Lead08/Jun/15Capo Testa
Ehi Ciccio4c **Lead08/Jun/15Capo Testa
Morpho5c ***Lead08/Jun/15Capo Testa
Fuck5a *Lead05/Jun/15Biddiriscottai
Eddy5c *Lead05/Jun/15Biddiriscottai
Vai Tossina!5c **TR05/Jun/15Biddiriscottai
Koga5c ***2nd04/Jun/15Porto Santa Maria
Sa Mama 'E Su Bentu4c Lead04/Jun/15Porto Santa Maria
Arreyulta5b **2nd04/Jun/15Porto Santa Maria
Gentiles5a Lead04/Jun/15Porto Santa Maria
The Buddleia Must Die6b+ *-24/Aug/14Tintern Quarry
footloose5c Lead24/Aug/14Tintern Quarry
The Good Friday Agreement6c *2nd16/Mar/14Ban-y-gor
Morning Winpenny5a Lead16/Mar/14Ban-y-gor
Ugooloo6a Lead16/Mar/14Ban-y-gor
Josie Swoonpence6b Lead16/Mar/14Ban-y-gor
Gordonzola6b+ Lead05/Sep/13Ban-y-gor
Slow Macabre Dance6b Lead05/Sep/13Ban-y-gor
Ugooloo6a Lead05/Sep/13Ban-y-gor
The Motley Crew6b+ 2nd05/Sep/13Ban-y-gor
Muddy Waters6a **Lead05/Sep/13Ban-y-gor
Dispossessed6c **TR21/Jul/13Tintern Quarry
Burning Embers6b Lead21/Jul/13Tintern Quarry
Medusa Falls7a ***2nd02/Jun/13Blacknor South
The Lizard of Oz6a+ **2nd02/Jun/13Blacknor South
Do Ixtlan4c *Lead02/Jun/13Blacknor South
Well Done Poppet5a *Lead02/Jun/13Blacknor South
Word Perfect4c Lead26/Aug/12Tintern Quarry
Lakota (1)VS 4c Lead26/Aug/12Tintern Quarry
Martyn & Gordon Go Large6a+ Lead26/Aug/12Tintern Quarry
Karanga6c Lead26/Aug/12Tintern Quarry
Target Practise6b+ Lead10/Mar/12Tintern Quarry
Phil in the Gaps6a *Lead10/Mar/12Tintern Quarry
Land of Hype and Glory5a Lead10/Mar/12Tintern Quarry
Deja Vu6b Lead10/Mar/12Tintern Quarry
Crow6a Lead10/Mar/12Tintern Quarry
Trilobite5a Lead10/Mar/12Tintern Quarry
A Little Stiff'ner6a+ *Lead16/Oct/11Ban-y-gor
Darkside5a ***Lead16/Oct/11Ban-y-gor
That Historic Reach4a Lead16/Oct/11Ban-y-gor
Double the Fun4a Lead16/Oct/11Ban-y-gor
Wake Up, Time to Die6a+ *2nd02/Oct/11Battleship Back Cliff
A Dream of White Porsches5a *Lead02/Oct/11Battleship Back Cliff
Coming Unstuck6a+ *Lead02/Oct/11Battleship Back Cliff
Braer Rabbit4a Lead02/Oct/11Battleship Back Cliff
This is This4c *Lead02/Oct/11Battleship Back Cliff
No Smears Here6a+ *Lead02/Oct/11Battleship Back Cliff
Fallen Slab ArÍte3 ***Lead02/Oct/11Blacknor Beach
Fallen Slab3 ***Lead02/Oct/11Blacknor Beach
Don't panic, Climb Organic.5c Lead29/Aug/11Tintern Quarry