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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Face RouteS 2nd O/S30/Aug/15Crag Lough
Jezebel DirectMVS 4b 2nd O/S30/Aug/15Crag Lough
Great ChimneyHS ***Lead O/S30/Aug/15Crag Lough
Raven's TowerMVS 4b ***Lead O/S30/Aug/15Crag Lough
Flake Corner Direct FinishHVS 5a *TR O/S05/Jul/15Simonside North Face
Flake CornerVS 4c *Lead O/S05/Jul/15Simonside North Face
Innominate CrackVD **Lead O/S05/Jul/15Simonside North Face
Nameless WallVS 4c Lead dog05/Jul/15Simonside North Face
Edge of Sanityf5 Sent O/S28/Jun/15Shaftoe Crags
Left Aretef4+ Sent O/S28/Jun/15Shaftoe Crags
Green Wallf4 Sent O/S28/Jun/15Shaftoe Crags
ConclusionE1 5b **Lead dog27/Jun/15Shepherds Crag
AdamVS 5a ***2nd O/S27/Jun/15Shepherds Crag
P.S.E1 5b **AltLd O/S27/Jun/15Shepherds Crag
CrescendoHS *AltLd O/S27/Jun/15Shepherds Crag
Tree Gully Wallf4+ Sent12/Jun/15Widehope
Problem 31f4 Sent12/Jun/15Widehope
Problem 30f4 Sent12/Jun/15Widehope
Problem 29f4 Sent12/Jun/15Widehope
Problem 27f4 Sent12/Jun/15Widehope
Problem 26f4 Sent12/Jun/15Widehope
Widehope Chimneyf4 Sent12/Jun/15Widehope
Widehope Crackf4 Sent12/Jun/15Widehope
Chickenf5+ Sent12/Jun/15Widehope
Problem 18f4 Sent12/Jun/15Widehope
North Wallf4 Sent12/Jun/15Widehope
Problem 14f4+ Sent O/S12/Jun/15Widehope
Problem 13f4+ Sent O/S12/Jun/15Widehope
Walt Disneyf4+ Sent31/May/15Caller Boulders
Bing Singsf4+ Sent31/May/15Caller Boulders
Summer's EndHVS 5a *Solo O/S25/Jun/14Wolf Crag
High NoteVS 4c *Solo O/S25/Jun/14Wolf Crag
Bread KnifeS Solo O/S25/Jun/14Wolf Crag
Fruit SaladVD Solo O/S25/Jun/14Wolf Crag
PicnicVS 4c Solo O/S25/Jun/14Wolf Crag
Family OutingVD *Solo O/S25/Jun/14Wolf Crag
DandelionVS 4c Solo O/S25/Jun/14Wolf Crag
PeapodVD Solo O/S25/Jun/14Wolf Crag
String BeanS Solo O/S25/Jun/14Wolf Crag
TeabagMVS 4c Solo O/S25/Jun/14Wolf Crag
Still MotionVS 4c *Solo O/S25/Jun/14Wolf Crag
Freeze FrameVS 5a Solo O/S25/Jun/14Wolf Crag
Snap ShotVS 5a *Solo O/S25/Jun/14Wolf Crag
The ShroudVS 4c **AltLd O/S21/Jun/14Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Troutdale Pinnacle SuperdirectHVS 5a ***AltLd O/S21/Jun/14Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Starboardf5 Sent O/S18/Jun/14Shaftoe Crags
The Technicianf5+ Sent O/S18/Jun/14Shaftoe Crags
Cob Aretef5 Sent O/S18/Jun/14Shaftoe Crags
Magic Flutingf5 Sent O/S18/Jun/14Shaftoe Crags
Butcher CrackHVS 5b *2nd O/S01/Jun/14Stanage Popular