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Logbook for Steve Hodge

44 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Crooked ChimneyHS 4b ***AltLdPeter Hodge23/May/12Bearnagh Slabs
HypothesisS 4a **AltLdPeter Hodge23/May/12Bearnagh Slabs
ZenE1 5b *2nd 23/May/12Bearnagh Slabs
Simple MindsE1 5b *TR 19/May/12Fair Head
ChieftainVS 4b **AltLdPeter Hodge16/May/12Fair Head
OdysseyVS 4c **AltLdPeter Hodge12/May/12Fair Head
BullrushVS 4c *Lead O/SPeter Hodge05/May/12Fair Head
The StingHVS 5b *Lead O/SPeter Hodge05/May/12Fair Head
Yeni Gol (Variation A)VS 4b AltLdPeter Hodge??/May/12Hen Mountain
High NoonHS 4c LeadPeter Hodge???/2012Hen Mountain
Jump RouteVS 4c LeadPeter Hodge???/2012Hen Mountain
Yeni GolHS 4a **Lead O/SPeter Hodge???/2012Hen Mountain
The One They Call the White HairVS 4c Lead O/SPeter Hodge???/2012Hen Mountain
AtheneVS 4b *Lead O/SPeter Hodge???/2012Hen Mountain
BrambleS 2ndPeter Hodge20/Aug/11Fair Head
ResidueHS 4a LeadRoss Gardiner20/Aug/11Fair Head
SalamanderVS 4c 2ndRoss Gardiner20/Aug/11Fair Head
Simple MindsE1 5b *TRPeter Hodge20/Aug/11Fair Head
The StingHVS 5b *TRRoss Gardiner17/Aug/11Fair Head
BullrushVS 4c *LeadRoss Gardiner17/Aug/11Fair Head
Pitchfork (alternative finish)VS 4c *TRRoss Gardiner13/Aug/11Fair Head
SpinolaS 4a *2ndRoss Gardiner13/Aug/11Fair Head
PitchforkS 4a LeadRoss Gardiner13/Aug/11Fair Head
High NoonHS 4c LeadRoss Gardiner24/Jul/11Hen Mountain
Escalator DirectS 4a 2ndRoss Gardiner24/Jul/11Hen Mountain
The One They Call the White HairVS 4c LeadRoss Gardiner24/Jul/11Hen Mountain
SimplicityVD **LeadRoss Gardiner24/Jul/11Hen Mountain
HypothesisS 4a **AltLdRoss Gardiner23/Jul/11Bearnagh Slabs
Crooked ChimneyHS 4b ***AltLdRoss Gardiner23/Jul/11Bearnagh Slabs
DischordHS 4b LeadGareth Moore22/Jun/11Port a Doris
Storm BringerHS 4b **LeadGareth Moore22/Jun/11Port a Doris
MicroWedgeS 4a LeadGareth Moore22/Jun/11Port a Doris
KelpS 4a LeadGareth Moore22/Jun/11Port a Doris
ThrillsHVS 5b Solo 22/Jun/11Port a Doris
Pillar VariantS 4a ***LeadRoss Gardiner15/Jun/11Lower Cove
Agag's WallVS 4b ***LeadRoss Gardiner15/Jun/11Lower Cove
Third CornerHS 4b *LeadRoss Gardiner15/Jun/11Lower Cove
Grecian GiftVS 4c **LeadRoss Gardiner10/Jun/11Dunmore, Culdaff
Orange BlossomHS 4b ***LeadRoss Gardiner10/Jun/11Dunmore, Culdaff
AWOLS 4b LeadRoss Gardiner10/Jun/11Dunmore, Culdaff
Bird's nest bulgeS 4a *LeadRoss Gardiner10/Jun/11Dunmore, Culdaff
Absent Friends VS LeadRoss Gardiner10/Jun/11Dunmore, Culdaff
Absent FriendsVD *LeadRoss Gardiner10/Jun/11Dunmore, Culdaff
Christmas CurryS 4a ***- ???/2011Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)