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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
This is not a circus6c+ ***- ???/2014Diarizos
6a+ my ass (AKA Hawkeye)6a+ ***Lead O/Sazachariades05/Oct/13Diarizos
No name Route6b+ Lead O/Sazachariades05/Oct/13Diarizos
Alex Drastiko6c+ **Lead O/Sazachariades05/Oct/13Diarizos
This is not a circus6c+ ***Lead RP 08/Mar/12Diarizos
Amore Inglese6c **Lead RPMarianna14/Feb/12Diarizos
Dave's Route6b+ *Lead O/S 12/Feb/12Viran Rocks
John, it's so sharp.6c ***Lead O/S 12/Feb/12Viran Rocks
Okan Abi6b *Lead O/S 12/Feb/12Viran Rocks
Juno6b ***Lead O/S 12/Feb/12Viran Rocks
Kertenkele Duvari (Lizard Wall)6c ***Lead O/S 12/Feb/12Viran Rocks
Crouxaki6c *Lead O/SMarianna12/Feb/12Diarizos
Kipseli6c ***Lead O/S 11/Feb/12Diarizos
Crouxaki6c *Lead O/S 10/Feb/12Diarizos
Antristrofi Metrisi6c+ **Lead O/SMarianna06/Feb/12Diarizos
Slovakian Inspiration6c Lead O/Sazachariades04/Feb/12Diarizos
Zivania Sunrise6c+ *Lead O/SMarianna???/2012Diarizos
Italian Job7a ***Lead RP 11/Dec/11Diarizos
Loco Re Loco7a Lead RP 30/Oct/11Inia Gerakopetra
Iliovasilema L16a Lead O/S 30/Oct/11Inia Gerakopetra
Pare me5a Lead O/S 30/Oct/11Inia Gerakopetra
Frixos5c Lead O/S 30/Oct/11Inia Gerakopetra
Parthena5b Lead O/S 23/Oct/11Diarizos
Climbing den7a+ **Lead RP 23/Oct/11Diarizos
Taxidhi mualou7b **Lead RP 16/Oct/11Diarizos
Kalitechnis6a *Lead O/S 16/Oct/11Diarizos
Neraida5c *Lead O/S 16/Oct/11Diarizos
Harakiri6a+ ***Lead O/S 15/Oct/11Diarizos
Trella6c Lead rpt 09/Oct/11Inia Gerakopetra
Iliovasilema L16a Lead O/S 09/Oct/11Inia Gerakopetra
Hermafrodit6c TR O/S 15/Sep/11Garga Suyu
Da Vinci Code7a Lead O/S 04/Sep/11Inia Gerakopetra
Idatino Perasma7a Lead RP 04/Sep/11Inia Gerakopetra
Magika Podia6c+ Lead O/S 04/Sep/11Inia Gerakopetra
Kenourgia Zoi6b+ Lead O/S 04/Sep/11Inia Gerakopetra
Kathodigitis6a Lead O/S 04/Sep/11Inia Gerakopetra
Free But Focus6a+ Lead O/S 04/Sep/11Inia Gerakopetra
Trella6c Lead dnf 03/Sep/11Inia Gerakopetra
Fonaklou L15c Lead O/S 03/Sep/11Inia Gerakopetra
Krimmenos Thisauros6b+ Lead O/S 03/Sep/11Inia Gerakopetra
Andreas Prodromou -Haris Charalambous5c Lead O/S 03/Sep/11Inia Gerakopetra
Poloniya Guarana6b+ Lead O/S 28/Aug/11Inia Gerakopetra
Funkey Monkey6b+ Lead O/S 28/Aug/11Inia Gerakopetra
F***g green elephantaki6a+ Lead O/S 28/Aug/11Inia Gerakopetra
Toxo5c Lead O/S 28/Aug/11Inia Gerakopetra
Fairytale gone bad6c+ **Lead RP 27/Aug/11Diarizos
Kalamaras7a **Lead RP 20/Aug/11Diarizos
Karpaz Esekleri7a+ ***Lead RP 21/Jul/11Garga Suyu
Mitsaki7a ***Lead RP 17/Jul/11Diarizos
Kavouras6a+ *Lead O/S 17/Jul/11Diarizos
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