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NameStyleDate Crag name
English MustardSent x15/Feb/15Fleswick Bay
Bega Thy NeighbourSent x15/Feb/15Fleswick Bay
Off the wallSent x15/Feb/15Fleswick Bay
Heave-Ho!Sent x15/Feb/15Fleswick Bay
Problem 38 (Rockfax)Sent x14/Feb/15St. Bees Head
Problem 39 (Rockfax)Sent14/Feb/15St. Bees Head
Left Arete of Kiss Kiss Bang BangSent x14/Feb/15St. Bees Head
Yellow Desert ScreamSent rpt14/Feb/15St. Bees Head
Davy Jones' LockerSent x06/Feb/15St. Bees Head
Rob's Wall (ss)Sent x06/Feb/15Eskdale Fisherground
The ScoopSent x01/Feb/15St. Bees Head
HoneycombSent x01/Feb/15St. Bees Head
GodzillaSent x01/Feb/15St. Bees Head
The Scoop (Cryptozoo)Sent x01/Feb/15St. Bees Head
Rob's WallSent x31/Jan/15Eskdale Fisherground
Left CrackSent x31/Jan/15Eskdale Fisherground
Problem 3Sent x31/Jan/15Eskdale Fisherground
Problem 4Sent x31/Jan/15Eskdale Fisherground
The TraverseSent x31/Jan/15Eskdale Fisherground
Diamond CrackSent x31/Jan/15Eskdale Fisherground
Problem 11Sent x31/Jan/15Eskdale Fisherground
Problem 12Sent x31/Jan/15Eskdale Fisherground
Problem 17Sent x31/Jan/15Eskdale Fisherground
The Glen AreteSent x24/Jan/15Shipley Glen
YMC WallSent x24/Jan/15Shipley Glen
GroovySent x24/Jan/15Shipley Glen
Mini AreteSent x24/Jan/15Shipley Glen
Left EdgeSent x24/Jan/15Shipley Glen
AdolphSent x24/Jan/15Shipley Glen
DonnaSent x24/Jan/15Shipley Glen
ParkerSent x24/Jan/15Shipley Glen
Manson's WallSent x24/Jan/15Shipley Glen
VimSent x24/Jan/15Shipley Glen
Red BaronSent x24/Jan/15Shipley Glen
Titanic AreteSent x04/Jan/15Hepburn
A Northern SoulSent x04/Jan/15Hepburn
RheumatologySent x04/Jan/15Hepburn
Photo Opportunity AreteSent x04/Jan/15Hepburn
The ProwSent x04/Jan/15Hepburn
Hen PeckedSent x02/Jan/15Hen Stones
McNabSent x02/Jan/15Lord's Seat
McNab (ss)Sent x02/Jan/15Lord's Seat
Apiary Wall - Block I - LakesBlocSent x28/Dec/14St. Bees Head
Apriary Wall - Block L - Problem 2 - Lakes BlocSent x28/Dec/14St. Bees Head
Bad Moon RisingSent x23/Nov/14Thorn Crag
Inaudible VaudevilleSent x20/Aug/14The Bowderstone
Road HouseSent x15/Jul/14Coniston Bouldering
Roof is on FireSent β??/Jul/14Rocklands
Creaking HeightsSent x??/Jul/14Rocklands
Human EnergySent x??/Jul/14Rocklands