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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Holly Tree GroovesHS **LeadPenny Kingsland22/Jun/14Yew Crags
Grooved WallVS 5a ***AltLdPaul Winstanley21/Jun/14Pillar Rock
North-West ClimbMVS 4b ***AltLdPaul Winstanley21/Jun/14Pillar Rock
The MorticianHVS 5a ***AltLd O/SEmma Winstanley, Paul...18/Jun/14Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Narrow StandHVS 5a *-Paul Winstanley16/Jun/14Scafell Crag
Pisgah Buttress DirectV 6 ***AltLdPaul Winstanley16/Jun/14Scafell Crag
High Crag ButtressHVS 5a ***AltLd O/SPaul Winstanley14/Jun/14High Crag
Resurrection RouteVS 4b *AltLdEmma Winstanley, Paul...14/Jun/14High Crag
Secret No MoreS LeadPenny Kingsland30/Mar/14Helm Crag
IonVS LeadPenny Kingsland30/Mar/14Helm Crag
BorealisE1 *TRPenny Kingsland30/Mar/14Helm Crag
Holly Tree CrackMS LeadPenny Kingsland30/Mar/14Helm Crag
CorkscrewHS *AltLdJo Smith, Penny Kingsland28/Sep/13Miners Crag
DelilahVS 4c ***AltLdPaul Winstanley10/Jul/13High Crag
Dry TrimE1 5b **LeadPaul Winstanley10/Jul/13High Crag
Lakeland CragsmanHVS 5a ***2ndSarah Kekus08/Jul/13Sergeant Crag Slabs
Holly Tree RampE1 5a **LeadSarah Kekus08/Jul/13Sergeant Crag Slabs
EnduranceHVS 5a **LeadSarah Kekus08/Jul/13Sergeant Crag Slabs
Sinister GroovesVS 4c **LeadPenny Kingsland07/Jul/13Buckstone How
Slab and Groove RouteVS 4c **LeadPaul Cook09/Jun/13Scafell Crag
Mickledore GroovesVS 4c ***AltLdPaul Cook09/Jun/13Scafell East Buttress
Botterill's SlabVS 4c ***AltLdPaul Cook09/Jun/13Scafell Crag
Feline CrackVS 4c LeadPaul Cook05/Jun/13Kern Knotts
Innominate CrackVS 4b **2ndPaul Cook05/Jun/13Kern Knotts
Kern Knotts West ButtressMVS 4b *2ndPaul Cook05/Jun/13Kern Knotts
Fishers FollyVS 4c ***2ndChris Little, Martin Young01/May/13Shepherds Crag
AdamVS 5a ***LeadMartin Young01/May/13Shepherds Crag
Evel KneivelHVS 5a **2ndMartin Young01/May/13Shepherds Crag
Ladies DayHS 4b *LeadPenny Kingsland30/Apr/13Bell Stand
PlumblineVS 4c **LeadPenny Kingsland30/Apr/13Bell Stand
Troutdale RidgeMVS 4b *-Penny Kingsland20/Apr/13Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Troutdale Pinnacle DirectVS 4c ***LeadPenny Kingsland20/Apr/13Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Logan Stone RouteHS 4b *-Mike Gullen??/Apr/13Wallowbarrow Crag
Innocuous CornerHVS 5a *LeadMike Gullen??/Mar/13Bell Stand
PlumblineVS 4c **2ndMike Gullen??/Mar/13Bell Stand
Bilberry ButtressVS 4c ***LeadPenny Kingsland, Paul...21/Oct/12Raven Crag (Langdale)
Evening WallS 4a *AltLdPenny Kingsland, Paul...21/Oct/12Raven Crag (Langdale)
Gillercombe BastionVS 4b LeadPenny Kingsland14/Oct/12Gillercombe
Lakeland CragsmanHVS 5a ***LeadEmma Winstanley, Penny...23/Sep/12Sergeant Crag Slabs
Chantry ButtressS 3c 2ndPaul Cook22/Sep/12The Napes
Belfry CrackVS 4b *2ndPaul Cook22/Sep/12The Napes
Crumbs from a rich man's tableMVS 4b **LeadPaul Cook22/Sep/12The Napes
Abbey ButtressVD **AltLdSarah Kekus21/Sep/12The Napes
Eagle's Nest Ridge DirectVS 4a **LeadSarah Kekus21/Sep/12The Napes
The PlumbVS 4c *LeadPhil Kett11/Aug/12Wallowbarrow Crag
BryanstonVS 4b *LeadPhil Kett11/Aug/12Wallowbarrow Crag
ParadiseVS 4c *2ndPhil Kett11/Aug/12Wallowbarrow Crag
The Old West (winter)III *SoloEmma Winstanley, Paul...10/Aug/12Pillar Rock
Slab and Notch ClimbM *SoloEmma Winstanley, Paul...10/Aug/12Pillar Rock
Direct RouteVS 4b **LeadPaul Winstanley08/Aug/12Castle Rock of Triermain
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