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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Klimt AreteV3 6a *-24/Feb/15Bovey Woods
AirstreamV7 6c ***-24/Feb/15Bovey Woods
Rotational SymmetryV1 5b *-20/Feb/15Bovey Woods
Rainbow GiftV0 5a **-20/Feb/15Bovey Woods
Red Dot TraverseV1 5b -???/2015Bovey Woods
The BlimpV2 5c -???/2015Bovey Woods
Waller TowerV2 6a -???/2015Bovey Woods
Roger MellyV2 6a *-???/2015Bovey Woods
Name for a LaughV2 5c *-???/2015Bovey Woods
The Whale LHSV0- 4c -???/2015Bovey Woods
The Whale MiddleV1 5c/6a -???/2015Bovey Woods
The Whale RHSV0 5b -???/2015Bovey Woods
BlobbylandV4 6b **-???/2015Red Dragon Ridge Boulders
BummedV2 5c *-???/2015Bovey Woods
Coconut CrabV5 6b ***-???/2015Red Dragon Ridge Boulders
HerpesV6 6b **-???/2015Red Dragon Ridge Boulders
Dead Squirrel EdgeV3 6a *-???/2015Red Dragon Ridge Boulders
StatisticsV4 6a/b *-???/2015Becka Brook Boulders
Black SwansongV7 6b/c ***-???/2015Bovey Woods
SleeperV3 6a ***-???/2015The Orgasmatron
Better Than SexV5 6a/b **-???/2015The Orgasmatron
The Sad TomatoV5 6b *-???/2015The Orgasmatron
The Happy CarrotV4 6a *-???/2015The Orgasmatron
LunaV4 6b *-???/2015The Orgasmatron
ZeligV4 6a/b **-???/2015The Orgasmatron
Gutter PressV6 6c **-???/2015Becka Brook Boulders
LiesV1 5b -???/2015Becka Brook Boulders
Damn LiesV3 6a/b *-???/2015Becka Brook Boulders
Kobe!V3 5c -???/2015Becka Brook Boulders
Born Under PunchesV4 6b *-???/2015Becka Brook Boulders
ExhumationV6 6b/c **-???/2015Becka Brook Boulders
ExfoliationV3 5c/6a *-???/2015Becka Brook Boulders
Truth SerumV5 6b ***-???/2015Becka Brook Boulders
ZanussiV4 6b **-???/2015Becka Brook Boulders
The Odd CoupleV2 5b/c **-???/2015Becka Brook Boulders
The Space BombV3 5c **-???/2015Bovey Woods
Sweet CarolineV5 6a/b ***-???/2015Becka Brook Boulders
BORIS!V7 6b/c **-???/2015Becka Brook Boulders
Show It The CrowV6 6b **-???/2015Bovey Woods
Yuri GargarinV5 6a/b ***-???/2015Bovey Woods
The KnaveV6 6c **-???/2015Bovey Woods
The Guest ListV2 5c **-???/2015Bovey Woods
Tom Was 'EreV2 6a *-???/2015Bovey Woods
Good Morning CaptainV3 6a *-???/2015Bovey Woods
Mr AvocadoV3 6a **-???/2015Bovey Woods
Fusion Reactor7c ***Lead RP10/Jul/14Anstey's Cove
He Shoots He Scores7b+ Lead RP17/Jun/14Babbacombe
Cream T-CrackV5 6a/b **-10/May/14Bovey Woods
Orson's Colonic IrritationV4 6a *-10/May/14Bovey Woods
Spooky Tree TraverseV5 6b **-15/Mar/14Bovey Woods