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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Fusion Reactor7c ***Lead RP 10/Jul/14Anstey's Cove
He Shoots He Scores7b+ Lead RP 17/Jun/14Babbacombe
Cream T-CrackV5 6a/b ***- 10/May/14Bovey Woods
Orson's Colonic IrritationV4 6a *- 10/May/14Bovey Woods
Spooky Tree TraverseV5 6b **- 15/Mar/14Bovey Woods
GnasherV6 6b/c **- 25/Feb/14Bovey Woods
Colonic IrrigationV4 6a **- 22/Feb/14Bovey Woods
Avant GardenerV4 6b **- ???/2014Bovey Woods
UnderdogV6 6c **- ???/2014Bovey Woods
Bottom Boulder P4V3 6a/b *- ???/2014Bovey Woods
JJMV4 6b **- ???/2014Bovey Woods
MorphV3 6a *- ???/2014Bovey Woods
MindyV5 6b **- ???/2014Bovey Woods
Halcyon TraverseV4 6a/b *- ???/2014Bovey Woods
Squirrel SlabV4 6a *- ???/2014Bovey Woods
Nevermind the BuzzardsV4 6b **- ???/2014Bovey Woods
The Blobby BandV3 6a/b **- ???/2014Bovey Woods
PanjandrumV3 6a *- ???/2014Bovey Woods
Careless PorkV4 6b *- ???/2014Bovey Woods
The Towering InfernalV4 6a/b *- ???/2014Bovey Woods
SwansongV5 6b **- ???/2014Bovey Woods
Spore WarsV4 6a *- ???/2014Bovey Woods
Tesco HorseburgerV3 6a *- ???/2013Bovey Woods
The Dharma InitiativeV3 6a/b *- ???/2013Bovey Woods
The OthersV6 6b/c **- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Outrageous GraceV5 6b **- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Smokin'V5 6b **- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Sunnyside TraverseV4 6b *- ???/2013Bovey Woods
The MuckBovey BurgerV2 5c *- ???/2013Bovey Woods
The Tilted HeartV5 6b ***- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Jilted TartV4 6a/b **- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Back to BusinessV3 6a *- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Fern BritainV2 6a *- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Tiger BalmV4 6b ***- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Tiger in the WoodsV4 6b **- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Bearaburger TraverseV5 6b **- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Jakob's LadderV6 6b ***- ???/2013Bovey Woods
The VentricleV4 6b *- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Finger Ripping GoodV7 6b/c **- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Back of BeyondV4 6a/b **- ???/2013Bovey Woods
TripwireV3 6a *- ???/2013Bovey Woods
BonesV4 6a/b **- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Alpaca ManV5 6b *- ???/2013Bovey Woods
UndercoverV5 6b ***- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Anty MatterV6 6a/b **- ???/2013Bovey Woods
MatterV3 6a/b *- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Ronjohn's RoofV3 6a **- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Steep Dude TraverseV5 6b **- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Dudely MooreV4 6b *- ???/2013Bovey Woods
Peni AreteV6 6c *- ???/2013Bovey Woods
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