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NameStyleDate Crag name
Alcove CrackLead O/S04/Jul/11New Mills Torrs
HonchoLead RP04/Jul/11New Mills Torrs
DragonflightLead O/S29/Jun/11Water-cum-Jolly
Wings of UnreasonLead RP26/Jun/11Roaches Skyline
99p SpecialLead O/S25/May/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Food for SportLead O/S25/May/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Full setLead O/S25/May/11Harpur Hill Quarry
CairnLead RP09/May/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Great WhiteLead O/S09/May/11Harpur Hill Quarry
OrcaLead O/S09/May/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Candy StoreLead O/S20/Apr/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Tempting ChildrenLead O/S20/Apr/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Would you like a SweetyLead O/S20/Apr/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Hissing SidLead O/S20/Apr/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Bicycle Repair ManLead O/S10/Apr/11Staden Main Quarry
The NailsLead O/S10/Apr/11Staden Main Quarry
Joint EffortLead O/S10/Apr/11Staden Main Quarry
The CandymanLead O/S08/Apr/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Flossy's SlabLead O/S08/Apr/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Toy StoryLead O/S08/Apr/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Suck on ThisLead O/S08/Apr/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Jelly BeansLead O/S08/Apr/11Harpur Hill Quarry
Smartie People are Happy PeopleLead O/S08/Apr/11Harpur Hill Quarry
RubiconLead RP07/Apr/11Water-cum-Jolly
MoonstruckLead O/S26/Mar/11Moon Hill
Luna Nascente (pitch1)Lead O/S26/Mar/11Moon Hill
The Dark Side of The Moon (pitch1)Lead O/S26/Mar/11Moon Hill
ArtemisLead O/S26/Mar/11Moon Hill
Red DragonLead dnf26/Mar/11Moon Hill
Cover Boy Meets Mr. HiltiLead O/S05/Mar/11The Egg
EggstaticLead O/S05/Mar/11The Egg
Poser's Lonely ReunionLead O/S05/Mar/11The Egg
Name?Lead O/S05/Mar/11The Egg
Chuck if ya want toLead O/S05/Mar/11The Egg
Pumpy BrewsterLead O/S05/Mar/11The Egg
DuckLead O/S05/Mar/11The Egg
The Never Ending StoryLead O/S05/Mar/11The Egg
Wonderful WorldLead O/S05/Mar/11The Egg
Wow Wow Mei Ao (don't want dog)Lead O/S??/Mar/11White Mountain
The Big SunLead O/S??/Mar/11White Mountain
Wall of AttritionLead O/S??/Mar/11White Mountain
The PheonixLead RP??/Mar/11White Mountain
Captain DebaucheryLead RP??/Mar/11White Mountain
Yangshuo HotelLead RP??/Mar/11White Mountain
Lord of the Thais (Multipitch)Lead RP10/Feb/11Thaiwand Wall
Money MakerLead O/S03/Feb/11Pranang Beach
Tales of PowerLead RP03/Feb/11Pranang Beach
Merry XmasLead O/S??/Feb/11White Mountain
The Stone DogLead O/S??/Feb/11White Mountain
Fire BirdLead β??/Feb/11White Mountain