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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
The Chimney f5 - 15/May Brownstones
Nexus S 4c - 15/May Brownstones
Ash Pit Slab VD vd - 15/May Brownstones
Blurt f4+ - 15/May Brownstones
Grass Groove f4 - 15/May Brownstones
dezis wall f5 - 15/May Brownstones
Slab Direct f3 - 15/May Brownstones
short corner f3 - 15/May Brownstones
green wall f6A - 15/May Brownstones
Bunnie's Dilemma f3 - 08/May Brownstones
Pocket Hole Wall f3 * - 08/May Brownstones
The Pock f3 - 08/May Brownstones
Tiptoe f4 - 08/May Brownstones
Diane f4 - 08/May Brownstones
Degree Crack f4 * - 08/May Brownstones
Analogue S 4c - 08/May Brownstones
Halt f3+ - 08/May Brownstones
Delicatessen f5 - 08/May Brownstones
Timothy's Route V3 * Sent 05/May Craig y Longridge
Central Icefall Direct V0 Sent 05/May Craig y Longridge
Snail Trail V0- Sent 05/May Craig y Longridge
Stoning a Leper V0 * Sent 05/May Craig y Longridge
Wobblebottom V3 * - 21/Apr Craig y Longridge
Black Jake V0 - 21/Apr Craig y Longridge
Naked Lunch V0- - 21/Apr Craig y Longridge