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Logbook for Michael Allday

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Not to be Taken Awayf6C ***Sent β 10/Oct/14Stanage Plantation
Quent's Dynof7B **Sent x 09/Oct/14Stoney Middleton
Egyptian Feetf7A+ Sent x 09/Oct/14Stoney Middleton
Prophets of Rage7b **Lead β 28/Sep/14Dancing Ledge
Daylight Robbery6c *Lead β 28/Sep/14Dancing Ledge
Haunted by a Million Screams6c+ **Lead 28/Sep/14Dancing Ledge
Nicotine Alleyf7A 6b Sent x 26/Sep/14Bowles Rocks
The Watchtowerf7B 6c Sent x 30/May/14Eridge Green Rocks
Nick's Tormentf7A **Sent x 23/May/14Eridge Green Rocks
The Weed Roadf7A *Sent x 23/May/14Bowles Rocks
The GleanerV6 Sent β 09/May/14Happy Boulders
Acid Wash RightV9 *Sent x 09/May/14Happy Boulders
The HulkV6 ***Sent x 09/May/14Happy Boulders
Fandango Right Handnone 6a ***Sent O/S 14/Apr/14Bowles Rocks
Fandango Right Hand Direct Startf7A 6c Sent β 14/Apr/14Bowles Rocks
Tobacco Roadf6B 6a **Sent β 14/Apr/14Bowles Rocks
Boiling Pointnone 6b Sent O/S 14/Apr/14Bowles Rocks
Them Monkey Thingsnone 6c Sent x 14/Apr/14Bowles Rocks
Cardboard Boxnone 6b *Sent x 14/Apr/14Bowles Rocks
Boysen's Aretenone 6a *Sent O/S 31/Mar/14Harrisons Rocks
Wailing Wallnone 5c **Sent β 31/Mar/14Harrisons Rocks
Hangover IIInone 6a ***Sent β 31/Mar/14Harrisons Rocks
Isolated Buttress Climb Direct Startnone 5b Sent O/S 31/Mar/14Harrisons Rocks
Pull Overnone 5c Sent O/S 31/Mar/14Harrisons Rocks
Right hand sit start (to Pullover)f7A *Sent x 31/Mar/14Harrisons Rocks
The Green Traversef7A ***Sent x 10/Mar/14Stanage Plantation
Ikariotikos7b **Lead O/S 22/Oct/13Secret Garden
Route 697b+ Lead O/S 22/Oct/13Secret Garden
Frapogalo6c ***Lead O/S 22/Oct/13Secret Garden
Adolflahaut7a+ **Lead O/S 22/Oct/13Secret Garden
Kaly Diva7c ***Lead RP 22/Oct/13Secret Garden
Polifemo7c ***Lead 21/Oct/13Odyssey
Alfredo Alfredo7b+ ***Lead RP 21/Oct/13Odyssey
Calipso7a **Lead O/S 21/Oct/13Odyssey
Alcinoo7b **Lead RP 21/Oct/13Odyssey
Atena6b ***Lead O/S 21/Oct/13Odyssey
Circe6b **Lead O/S 21/Oct/13Odyssey
Priapos P17c **Lead 21/Oct/13Grande Grotta
Tufantastic7b+ ***Lead O/S 21/Oct/13Grande Grotta
Trella7a ***Lead O/S 21/Oct/13Grande Grotta
Fouska7a+ *Lead 19/Oct/13Odyssey
Imia6c **Lead O/S 19/Oct/13Odyssey
Eros7b+ ***Lead RP 18/Oct/13Arhi
Il Pittore6b+ **Lead O/S 18/Oct/13Arhi
Thetis6b ***Lead O/S 18/Oct/13Arhi
Mitra7b ***AltLd 14/Oct/13Kalydna
Aurora P17a+ ***Lead O/S 14/Oct/13Kalydna
Kaly Nikhla Extension7b ***Lead O/S 14/Oct/13Kalydna
Ixion7a ***Lead O/S 14/Oct/13Kalydna
Kaly Nikhla6b+ **Lead O/S 14/Oct/13Kalydna
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