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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Cauldron7a+ ***Solo O/S 03/Oct/14Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
The Wave6c ***Solo O/S 03/Oct/14Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
The Pink Slit6c *Solo O/S 03/Oct/14Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
Long Cave Tarverse Dws4c *Solo O/S 01/Oct/14Elender Cove
Twenty First Century7a ***Solo RP 23/Sep/14Ogmore (Main)
Skullthuggery7b ***Solo O/S 23/Sep/14Ogmore (Main)
Cure for the Cancer7b+ ***Solo RP 22/Sep/14Ogmore (Main)
These Dangerous Seas6b+ ***Solo O/S 10/Sep/14Ogmore (Main)
Rubik's CubeE5 6b **Lead O/S 08/Sep/14Hollow Caves Bay
FirecrackerE3 5c **Lead O/S 08/Sep/14Newton Head
Iron MaidenE4 6a **Lead O/S 07/Sep/14Stackpole Head
The WhalerE2 5b **AltLd O/S 07/Sep/14Stackpole Head
KrakenE1 5b *Lead O/S 06/Sep/14St. Govan's Head
It Came from Beneath the Sea7b ***Lead O/S 24/Aug/14The Diamond
Rub A Dub-Dub7a ***Lead RP 23/Aug/14The Diamond
Superstitious?7a ***Solo O/S 08/Aug/14Ogmore (Main)
Made in Maes Cwn6c+ ***Solo O/S 08/Aug/14Ogmore (Main)
Downtown Julie Brown6c **Lead rpt 01/Jun/14Blacknor North
Is Vic There?7a **Lead rpt 01/Jun/14Blacknor North
Wolfgang Forever7a **Lead rpt 01/Jun/14Blacknor North
Appleturnoverload7a+ **Lead rpt 01/Jun/14Blacknor North
Stingray6c Lead O/S ???/2014Shipwreck Cove
Paternal Love6b *Lead O/S ???/2014Shipwreck Cove
Tears of Freedom7a+ ***Lead O/S 27/Nov/13Never Sleeping Wall
Pioneer / Tith's Artificial6c+ Lead O/S 27/Nov/13Never Sleeping Wall
Long White Line7b+ Lead β 27/Nov/13Never Sleeping Wall
Bella Susanna7a ***Lead O/S 27/Nov/13Never Sleeping Wall
Enoteca Randazzo7b **Lead β 27/Nov/13Never Sleeping Wall
In Vinum Veritas7c Lead O/S 23/Nov/13Lost World
Me Gustas Tu8a Lead O/S 23/Nov/13Lost World
Take Me Home7b Lead O/S 23/Nov/13Lost World
Whitewash6c Lead β 23/Nov/13Lost World
Stabilo Dave8a Lead RP 23/Nov/13Lost World
Venus From Bümpliz6b Lead O/S 22/Nov/13Lost World
Box Kitty7a+ Lead O/S 22/Nov/13Lost World
La vie en rouge7b Lead O/S 22/Nov/13Lost World
Zoichn Reissen Oidnschmein7b+ Lead O/S 22/Nov/13Lost World
Soul Kitchen7a+ ***Lead β 21/Nov/13Cinema Paradiso
West World6b+ ***Lead β 21/Nov/13Cinema Paradiso
Falling Down7a+ ***Lead β 21/Nov/13Cinema Paradiso
Bat killer7a ***Lead β 21/Nov/13Cinema Paradiso
Queen line7b+ Lead β 21/Nov/13Cinema Paradiso
Bando alla Ciancio6a+ Lead 20/Nov/13Crown of Aragon
La Crema Canela6a+ Lead 20/Nov/13Crown of Aragon
Troppo Duci7a Lead β 20/Nov/13Crown of Aragon
All Cats are Black at Night7b Lead β 20/Nov/13Crown of Aragon
La Ladra7b Lead β 20/Nov/13Crown of Aragon
Ratzinger Zeta6c *Lead β 20/Nov/13Crown of Aragon
The SubterraneanE6 6b ***Lead RP 27/Sep/13Huntsman's Leap
The Fascist and MeE4 6a ***Lead rpt 24/Sep/13Trevallen Cliff
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