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NameStyleDate Crag name
Rodney's DilemmaLead O/S25/Mar/07Rivelin Edge
Renshaw's RemedyLead O/S25/Mar/07Rivelin Edge
Route 2Solo rpt25/Mar/07Burbage North
Route 3Solo rpt25/Mar/07Burbage North
Cranberry WallSolo rpt25/Mar/07Burbage North
Cranberry CrackSolo rpt25/Mar/07Burbage North
BoomerangLead O/S11/Mar/07Millstone Edge
Chiming CracksLead rpt11/Mar/07Millstone Edge
Bamford WallLead O/S10/Mar/07Bamford Edge
Fox House FlakeLead O/S???/2007Burbage South Quarries
Duo Crack Climb-???/2006Stanage North
Youth-???/2006Stanage North
Gunter-???/2006Stanage North
Eric's Eliminate-???/2006Stanage North
Twisting Crack-???/2006Stanage North
Inaccessible Crack-???/2006Stanage North
Norse Corner Climb-???/2006Stanage North
Boyd's Crack-???/2006Stanage North
Lost Soul-???/2006Stanage North
Tango Crack-???/2006Stanage North
Tango Buttress-???/2006Stanage North
Where did my Tan Go?-???/2006Stanage North
High Neb Buttress-???/2006Stanage North
High Neb Buttress Variations-???/2006Stanage North
Mantelshelf Climb-???/2006Stanage North
It's a Cracker-???/2006Stanage North
Sneezy-???/2006Stanage North
Little Slab-???/2006Stanage North
Typical Grit-???/2006Stanage North
The Pinion-???/2006Stanage North
The Ariel-???/2006Stanage North
Prospero's Climb-???/2006Stanage North
Miranda's Variation-???/2006Stanage North
Kelly's Crack-???/2006Stanage North
Kelly's Eliminate-???/2006Stanage North
October Crack-???/2006Stanage North
Bent Crack-???/2006Stanage North
New Year's Eve-???/2006Stanage North
Bamford Wall-???/2006Bamford Edge
Bamford Buttress-???/2006Bamford Edge
Slanting Slab-???/2006Bamford Edge
Slab and Crack (Bamford)-???/2006Bamford Edge
Leaning Slab-???/2006Bamford Edge
Loader's Bay-???/2006Bamford Edge
Ammo-???/2006Bamford Edge
Gangway-???/2006Bamford Edge
Bosun's Slab-???/2006Bamford Edge
Concave Slab-???/2006Bamford Edge
Jonathan's Chimney-???/2006Rivelin Edge
Layback Crack-???/2006Rivelin Edge