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NameStyleDate Crag name
Route 2Solo rpt25/Mar/07Burbage North
Route 3Solo rpt25/Mar/07Burbage North
Cranberry WallSolo rpt25/Mar/07Burbage North
Cranberry CrackSolo rpt25/Mar/07Burbage North
Rodney's DilemmaLead O/S25/Mar/07Rivelin Edge
Renshaw's RemedyLead O/S25/Mar/07Rivelin Edge
Chiming CracksLead rpt11/Mar/07Millstone Edge
BoomerangLead O/S11/Mar/07Millstone Edge
Bamford WallLead O/S10/Mar/07Bamford Edge
Fox House FlakeLead O/S???/2007Burbage South Quarries
Nowanda-???/2006Gardoms Edge
Landsickness-???/2006Gardoms Edge
Straight CrackLead O/S???/2006Stanage North
October SlabSolo O/S???/2006Stanage North
The Marmoset2nd O/S???/2006Stanage North
Kelly's EyeSolo O/S???/2006Stanage North
October SlabSolo O/S???/2006Stanage North
The Crab CrawlSolo O/S???/2006Stanage North
Crab Crawl AreteSolo O/S???/2006Stanage North
Doctors's Saunter2nd RP???/2006Stanage North
Chiming CracksLead O/S???/2006Millstone Edge
The Green StreakLead O/S???/2006Stanage North
Another TurnLead O/S???/2006Stanage North
ValkyrieLead RP???/2006Froggatt Edge
Neb ButtressLead dog???/2006Bamford Edge
Brown's CrackLead O/S???/2006Bamford Edge
Hells BellsLead O/S???/2006Millstone Edge
Happy WandererLead O/S???/2006Millstone Edge
OrielLead dnf???/2006Millstone Edge
GimcrackLead O/S???/2006Millstone Edge
Embankment 2Lead RP???/2006Millstone Edge
The MallLead O/S???/2006Millstone Edge
Bond StreetLead rpt???/2006Millstone Edge
Great North Road2nd O/S???/2006Millstone Edge
The Great SlabLead O/S???/2006Millstone Edge
EarthaLead O/S???/2006Millstone Edge
MeringueLead O/S???/2006Lawrencefield
Quien Sabe?2nd O/S???/2006Bamford Edge
Bilberry Crack (Bamford)Lead O/S???/2006Bamford Edge
Randy's WallLead O/S???/2006Bamford Edge
Bamford RibLead O/S???/2006Bamford Edge
Artillery CornerSolo O/S???/2006Bamford Edge
Jonad RibSolo O/S???/2006Rivelin Edge
Left EdgeLead O/S???/2006Rivelin Edge
Captain Lob Meets the Nipple Pincher2nd RP???/2006Blacknor North
RintySolo O/S???/2006Stanage North
Desperation Crack2nd O/S???/2006Brimham Rocks
Allan's CrackLead O/S???/2006Brimham Rocks
Gnat AttackLead RP???/2006Bus Stop Quarry
Sterling Silver2nd O/S???/2006Bus Stop Quarry