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NameStyleDate Crag name
Hooby's RoofSent23/Aug/14Ogmore by Sea
Robbed AreteSent β23/Aug/14Ogmore by Sea
The GrooveSent23/Aug/14Ogmore by Sea
Scoop DragonSent23/Aug/14Ogmore by Sea
Magnum OpusSent x17/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
Left SlabSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
Wave SlabSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
Grease GrooveSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
The HesitatorSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
Hidden BladeSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
Exit Stage LeftSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
Tip ToeSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
CrackotoaSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
Piddle MiddleSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
The Right Side of JessSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
Rocky MountainSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
Simple SidesSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
The Waddling MarmotSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
Lay BackSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
Strawberry FineSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
Partner in CrimeSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
The WaterfrontSent??/Aug/14Plan de l'Aiguille
The RiotSent x30/Jul/14Dinas Rock
Mr MagicSent x28/Jul/14Dinas Rock
Step UpSent20/Jul/14The Steps (ponty Common)
The BlockSent β08/Jul/14The Steps (ponty Common)
A Common MisconceptionSent β08/Jul/14The Steps (ponty Common)
Corridors of PowerSent β08/Jul/14The Steps (ponty Common)
Common As MuckSent08/Jul/14The Steps (ponty Common)
Corridors of ProwessSent08/Jul/14The Steps (ponty Common)
Kabuto MushiLead O/S06/Jul/14The Gap
FlusterLead O/S06/Jul/14The Gap
So UncoolLead06/Jul/14The Gap
StonedSent02/Jul/14Dinas Rock
Blurred LineSent x25/Jun/14The Gap
Moving LineSent x25/Jun/14The Gap
All Bark, No BiteSent19/Jun/14Goitre Coed Rocks
Le Surplomb de l'Éléphant (Black 1)Sent??/Jun/14L'Elephant
L' Y (Black 2)Sent??/Jun/14L'Elephant
Fissure du Trio (Black 19)Sent??/Jun/14L'Elephant
La Voie Michaud (Black 22)Sent??/Jun/14L'Elephant
La Brique (Black 24)Sent??/Jun/14L'Elephant
CharcuterieSent??/Jun/14Bas Cuvier
Pif PafSent??/Jun/14Bas Cuvier
Banlieue Nord DirectSent??/Jun/14Bas Cuvier
La Poigne (Black 2b)Sent??/Jun/14Bas Cuvier
La Lili (White 1)Sent??/Jun/14Bas Cuvier
Jet SetSent??/Jun/14La Roche aux Sabots
La Directe du WSent??/Jun/14Dame Jouanne
Les ChoittesSent??/Jun/14Dame Jouanne
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