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NameStyleDate Crag name
TotemSent x29/Apr/14Craigmore
If Six was NineLead30/Nov/09Dumbuck
Flesh for FantasyLead01/May/09Dumbuck
Persistence of Vision-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Abstract Art-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Dum Dum Boys-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Sufferance-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Tarrier-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Windjammer-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Benny's Route Left-hand-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Benny's Route Right-hand-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Plunge-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Runs on Potato Power-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Kev's Problem-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Bust My Chops-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Zig Zag-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Tam's Route-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Gorilla-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Gorilla Hanging Start-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Silver Back-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Hoop-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Supinator-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
2HB-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Torino Sun-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
1990 Traverse-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
The Blue Meanie-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
PTO-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Left Edge-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Fridays Fill-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Friar's Mantle-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Ungava-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Right Edge-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Warmup Wall Low Traverse-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
The Beast-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Spam-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Mugsy (Ya Bass)-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Mugsy Traverse-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Mestizo-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Mestizo SS-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Mestizo Traverse-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Physical Graffiti-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Home Rule-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Home Rule High Traverse-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Home Rule Low Traverse-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Route Royale-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
The Whip-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
The Whip SS-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Toto-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
Toto SS-30/Nov/08Dumbarton Rock
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