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NameStyleDate Crag name
Hanging CrackSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Straight CrackSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
GalapagosSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
West CoastSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Sendero LuminosoSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
PabloSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Crack ClimbSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Wrinkled SlabSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
The FlakeSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Pot BellySolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
The Barrier RoofSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Dexter WallSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
SylvieSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
DaphneSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
HebeSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Hedera WallSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Sunny GrooveSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
T' Owd ManSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
T' Owd TroutSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Hollow SlabSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Hollow RouteSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
HolloweenSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
The Crooked ManSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
The Chopping BlockSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Cracked GrooveSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Speedy RecoverySolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
The AshesSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Ash GullySolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Left WallSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
The RibSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
WingsSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
First Wall RibSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
CracklingSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Smooth RibSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Second WallSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Crazy PavingSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Pedestal CrackSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Third Wall CentralSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
The RunnelSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
The Lemur's TailSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
ChimpSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Gorilla BerengiiSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Pithecanthropus ErectusSolo30/Jun/14Hutton Roof Crags
Murray's RouteAltLd22/Jun/14Dow Crag
Abraham's RouteAltLd22/Jun/14Dow Crag
'A' RouteAltLd21/Jun/14Gimmer Crag
The Original RouteAltLd18/Jun/14Raven Crag (Langdale)
ThomasAltLd17/Jun/14Wallowbarrow Crag
20 Foot CrackLead15/Jun/14Burbage North
Triangle Buttress Indirect2nd15/Jun/14Burbage North