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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Wrinkled WallVS 4c **LeadMick.28/Sep/14Bamford Edge
The CreaseE1 5a **LeadMick.28/Sep/14Bamford Edge
Bamford RibHVS 5a **LeadMick.28/Sep/14Bamford Edge
Nemmes SabeHVS 5a **2ndMick.28/Sep/14Bamford Edge
The Happy WandererHVS 5a **2ndMick.28/Sep/14Bamford Edge
Curving CrackVS 4c *LeadMick.28/Sep/14Bamford Edge
Wollock DirectHVS 5c LeadMick.14/Sep/14Burbage North
PulcherrimeVS 4b *LeadMick.14/Sep/14Burbage North
Mutiny CrackHS 4b ***LeadMick.14/Sep/14Burbage North
Agnostic's AreteVS 5a *LeadMick.14/Sep/14Burbage North
Peter's ProgressVS 4c **LeadMick.14/Sep/14Burbage North
Greeny CrackVS 4b **LeadMick.14/Sep/14Burbage North
Right FinHVS 5a **LeadMick.14/Sep/14Burbage North
WollockHVS 4c *2ndMick.14/Sep/14Burbage North
Knight's MoveHVS 5a ***2ndMick.14/Sep/14Burbage North
ObscenityVS 4c ***2ndMick.14/Sep/14Burbage North
Long Tall SallyE1 5b ***2ndMick.14/Sep/14Burbage North
Siam GrooveVS 4b LeadSCrossley11/Sep/14Troy Quarry
RapunzleVS 5a **LeadSCrossley11/Sep/14Troy Quarry
Right Siamese TwinS 4a 2ndSCrossley11/Sep/14Troy Quarry
Bob the GobVS 4c 2ndSCrossley11/Sep/14Troy Quarry
Cave Gully WallHVS 5a *TR 07/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Mississippi Buttress DirectVS 4c ***LeadMick.07/Sep/14Stanage Popular
EliminatorHVS 5b **2ndMick.07/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Central TrinityVS 4c ***2ndMick.07/Sep/14Stanage Popular
DesperationE1 5c ***2ndMick.07/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Robin Hood Cave Innominate/Harding's FinishHVS 5a ***2ndMick.07/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Heather WallVS 4c **LeadMick.07/Sep/14Stanage Popular
The FlangeHVS 5b **LeadMick.07/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Primadonna5a *Lead 21/Aug/14Chaulet
Avalon6a *Lead 21/Aug/14Chaulet
Hold-up5c *Lead 21/Aug/14Chaulet
L'orange4c ***Lead 21/Aug/14Chaulet
Lad's CornerVS 4c **LeadMick.09/Aug/14Caley Crags
Zig-ZagS 4a *LeadMick.09/Aug/14Caley Crags
Boot CrackVS 4b **2ndMick.09/Aug/14Caley Crags
Tippling CrackE1 5b **2ndMick.09/Aug/14Caley Crags
The ScoopVS 4c **LeadMick.09/Aug/14Caley Crags
Compulsion CrackVS 5a *2ndMick.09/Aug/14Caley Crags
Angel's WallHVS 5a ***LeadMick.09/Aug/14Caley Crags
FlywalkVS 4c **2ndSCrossley05/Aug/14Wilton 1
FingernailS 4a **LeadSCrossley05/Aug/14Wilton 1
ChristeenaVS 4c **LeadSCrossley05/Aug/14Wilton 1
EliminateVS 4c **LeadSCrossley05/Aug/14Wilton 1
FinaHVS 5b **LeadSCrossley27/Jul/14Stanage Plantation
Saul's AreteVS 4b *LeadSCrossley27/Jul/14Stanage Plantation
Wall End Flake CrackVS 4c **LeadSCrossley27/Jul/14Stanage Plantation
B CrackS 4b **2ndSCrossley27/Jul/14Stanage Plantation
Outlook SlabVS 5a *2ndSCrossley27/Jul/14Stanage Plantation
Fairy StepsVS 4a **2ndSCrossley27/Jul/14Stanage Plantation
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