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Logbook for Dom Whillans

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The GroovesE1 5b ***AltLdAdam and Neil14/Jun/14Cyrn Las
Twin ScoopsE1 5c **2ndAdam and Neil15/May/14Helsby
The Mersey RunnelE2 5c *2ndAdam and Neil15/May/14Helsby
Golden PillarE1 5b **LeadAdam and Neil15/May/14Helsby
Jim's ChimneyE2 5b Lead rptneil and simon29/Apr/14Helsby
Dinnerplate CrackVS 4c ***2nd rptneil29/Apr/14Helsby
Twin Caves CrackHS 4b **Lead O/Sneil29/Apr/14Helsby
Shoe-inE2 5b 2ndneil and simon29/Apr/14Helsby
Lost in FranceVS 5c SoloAdam and Neil13/Apr/14Burbage North
20 Foot CrackS 4b *SoloAdam and Neil13/Apr/14Burbage North
Cranberry CrackVD SoloAdam and Neil13/Apr/14Burbage North
Evening WallE1 5b *Lead O/SAdam and Neil13/Apr/14Burbage North
Ivy SepulchreE1 5b **AltLda.crook27/Aug/13Dinas Cromlech
The WendigoE3 5c **2nd O/Sdave almond11/Jul/13Helsby
The ParasolVS 5a Lead O/Sdave almond11/Jul/13Helsby
Angel's FaceE1 5b **Lead O/Sa.crook26/Jun/13Helsby
PlexusHVS 5b ***AltLd O/SAdam and Neil08/Jun/13Dinas Mot
NexusE1 5b ***AltLd O/SAdam and Neil08/Jun/13Dinas Mot
Wafer WallE2 5b **Lead O/SAdam and Neil06/Jun/13Helsby
The Anvil IntergraleE1 5b ***2nd O/SAdam and Neil06/Jun/13Helsby
WhimperE2 5c *Leada.crook04/Jun/13Helsby
The Brush Off DirectE6 6a **TR O/SAdam and Neil21/May/13Helsby
Hidden GullyII **Soloa.crook09/Feb/13Cwm Cneifion
Clogwyn Du Right Hand BranchIII 3/4 *AltLda.crook09/Feb/13Clogwyn Du Ymhen Y Glyder
Too Bold for Steve BootV2 (5c) Solo O/SAdam and Neil16/Aug/12Pex Hill Quarry
Set SquareV0 (5a) Solo O/SAdam and Neil16/Aug/12Pex Hill Quarry
Tequila SunriseV2 (6a) ***Solo O/SAdam and Neil16/Aug/12Pex Hill Quarry
Harvey WallbangerV2 (5c) ***Solo O/SAdam and Neil16/Aug/12Pex Hill Quarry
Lew's LeapV1 (5c) **Solo O/SAdam and Neil16/Aug/12Pex Hill Quarry
Lady JaneE1 5c **Solo O/SAdam and Neil16/Aug/12Pex Hill Quarry
Creeping JesusE1 5b **LeadAdam and Neil, a.crook16/Aug/12Pex Hill Quarry
A RouteV0- 3a Senta.crook16/Aug/12Pex Hill Quarry
Short CrackV0- 4b Senta.crook16/Aug/12Pex Hill Quarry
Heather WallV1 (5b) *Senta.crook16/Aug/12Pex Hill Quarry
Bon AmiV0 (5b) Senta.crook16/Aug/12Pex Hill Quarry
Wood's ClimbHVS 5a ***Leaddave garry, ad crook09/Aug/12Helsby
The Ordinary RouteD *-dave garry, ad crook05/Aug/12Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Eliminate FourE3 5c TRAdam and Neil20/Jun/12Pex Hill Quarry
The WizardE2 5b LeadAdam and Neil19/Jun/12Pex Hill Quarry
Morgue SlabE2 5b ***Leadneil13/Jun/12Helsby
Clockwork OrangeE3 5c ***2ndneil13/Jun/12Helsby
The Brush OffE4 5c ***TR 25/May/12Helsby
Muffin CrackHVS 5b *2ndneil23/May/12Helsby
DanielE2 5c **2ndneil23/May/12Helsby
Eliminate 1E1 5b ***Lead O/Sneil22/May/12Helsby
Flake CrackHVS 5a ***Lead O/Sneil22/May/12Helsby
Golden PillarE1 5b **Leada.crook18/May/12Helsby
Grooved SlabVS 4a ***Leada.crook18/May/12Helsby
Jim's ChimneyE2 5b 2nda.crook18/May/12Helsby
Tower Face (Stanage)HVS 5a **Leada.crook12/May/12Stanage Plantation
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