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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Angel Deelite f7A Sent x 25/May Woodwell
The Cappel f7B+ *** Sent x 25/May Fairy Steps
Clever Beaver SS V8+ ** Sent x 21/May Parisella's Cave
The Minimum V7 ** Sent x 20/May Dinas Mot
the witch V7 ** Sent β 20/May Grooves Boulder
King Of Drunks V6 *** Sent x 20/May Wavelength Boulders
There's Method to my Madness 7b+ ** Lead RP 08/May Blackwell Dale
E.T. Bone Home f7A * Sent x 01/May Tideswell Dale
Los Cursos f7A Sent 09/Apr Chironico
Aktifit f7A+ Sent x 09/Apr Chironico
Border Line f7A Sent x 06/Apr Chironico
Globetrotter f7A Sent x 04/Apr Chironico
Doctor Med Dent f7B *** Sent 03/Apr Chironico
Area Serre Moi Fort: Selection Door f7A Sent x 03/Apr Chironico
Area Les Doigts Verts: Lemon Tree f6C+ *** Sent x 02/Apr Chironico
The Big Swing f6C *** Sent x 02/Apr Chironico
Komilator f7C+ ** Sent x 01/Apr Chironico
Eyorjoi f6B *** Sent x 29/Mar Chironico
Slooper Attack f7A Sent x 29/Mar Chironico
Area Deliverance: Carpe Diem f6C Sent β 28/Mar Chironico
Matusalem f6C+ Sent β 28/Mar Chironico
Quasimodo f7B+ Sent β 28/Mar Chironico
Titifield Thunderbolt (SS) f7C ** Sent x 12/Mar Brimham Rocks
The Titfield Thunderbolt f7B+ ** Sent x 12/Mar Brimham Rocks
Tin Can Alley f7B+ ** Sent x 12/Mar Brimham Rocks