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Logbook for Robin Nichols

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Flying StartSent x26/Jan/15Baslow Edge
UndercuttingSent O/S26/Jan/15Baslow Edge
Combine HarvesterSent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
Upper TraverseSent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
Like PommelSent x25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
Not like PommelSent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
The ProwSent x25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
The Big SlabSent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
Ledge WallSent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
Quintessential HiggarismsSent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
SickSent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
Dirty HiggarSent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
The Low ProwSent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
Straight CrackSent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
Parquet WallSent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
Left arete (parquet arete)Sent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
Pillar EliminateSent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
Slanting CrackSent O/S25/Jan/15Higgar Tor
Reach for a PeachSent O/S23/Jan/15Hetchell
Corbel VariationSent O/S23/Jan/15Hetchell
Low Peach TraverseSent x23/Jan/15Hetchell
Problem 4 YGB P227Sent O/S23/Jan/15Hetchell
Bell StartSent O/S23/Jan/15Hetchell
Hunchback StartSent O/S23/Jan/15Hetchell
Rainbow (start)Sent O/S23/Jan/15Hetchell
Arc en Ceil (start)Sent O/S23/Jan/15Hetchell
Blue Cock WallSent O/S22/Jan/15Ilkley Back Quarry
Chips TodaySent O/S22/Jan/15Ilkley Back Quarry
Chips AreteSent O/S22/Jan/15Ilkley Back Quarry
Overhanging AreteSent O/S22/Jan/15Ilkley Back Quarry
Problem 20Sent O/S22/Jan/15Ilkley Back Quarry
New Year AreteSent O/S22/Jan/15Ilkley Back Quarry
PatienceSent O/S22/Jan/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Problem 1 - Square Face EliminatesSent O/S22/Jan/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
CD 13 - Problem 9Sent O/S22/Jan/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
CD 13 - Problem 13Sent O/S22/Jan/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
CD 13 - Problem 1Sent O/S22/Jan/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Almost PleasantSent O/S22/Jan/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Back of The Calf - Problem 17Sent O/S22/Jan/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Fat Punters' RoofSent O/S20/Jan/15Whitehouses
Central CrackSent O/S20/Jan/15Whitehouses
Baghdad BunkerSent O/S20/Jan/15Whitehouses
PeshmergaSent x20/Jan/15Whitehouses
DubyaSent O/S20/Jan/15Whitehouses
PeglegSent O/S20/Jan/15Whitehouses
Pa's RouteSent O/S19/Jan/15Slipstones
Heather WallSent O/S19/Jan/15Slipstones
Itchy and ScratchySent O/S19/Jan/15Slipstones
Pinnacle ChimneySent O/S19/Jan/15Slipstones
EllingstringSent O/S19/Jan/15Slipstones