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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
LimboVS 4c *Lead O/S 05/May/14Stennis Head
Inset SlabHS 4b *Lead O/S 04/May/14Flimston Bay
Bow-Shaped CornerHS 4b **2nd O/S 04/May/14Flimston Bay
Bow-Shaped SlabHS 4a ***Lead O/S 04/May/14Flimston Bay
Nameless WallHS 4b *Lead O/S 03/May/14Saddle Head
Lemming WayS Lead O/S 03/May/14St. Govan's Head
CenturionS 2nd O/S 03/May/14St. Govan's Head
Glaze CrackHS 4b Lead O/S 02/May/14Porth-Clais
FriezeVS 4c Lead O/S 02/May/14Porth-Clais
Diagonal CrackS 4a *2nd O/S 02/May/14Porth-Clais
DawnHVS 5b ***Lead rpt 21/Apr/14Wilton 1
MoHS 4b *Lead O/S 21/Apr/14Wilton 3
Forked Cracks DirectVS 5c *Lead O/S 21/Apr/14Wilton 3
Oak Leaf CrackVD *Solo O/S 21/Apr/14Wilton 3
CedricS 4a *Lead O/S 21/Apr/14Wilton 3
DawnHVS 5b ***2nd O/S 16/Apr/14Wilton 1
FlywalkVS 4c **2nd O/S 16/Apr/14Wilton 1
SolsticeHVS 5a *2nd O/S 04/Apr/14Bus Stop Quarry
Gnat AttackE1 5c **2nd O/S 04/Apr/14Bus Stop Quarry
SeamstressVS 4c ***2nd O/S 04/Apr/14Serengeti
Bollard CrackVS 4c *Lead dnf ??/Apr/14Froggatt Edge
Slab Recess DirectHS 4c *Lead O/S ??/Apr/14Froggatt Edge
Diamond CrackHS 4b **Lead rpt ??/Apr/14Froggatt Edge
Embankment 2VS 4c **2nd O/S ??/Apr/14Millstone Edge
Diamond CrackHS 4b **2nd O/S ??/Mar/14Froggatt Edge
Chequers ButtressHVS 5a ***2nd O/S ??/Mar/14Froggatt Edge
Sickle Buttress DirectVS 4c *Lead O/S ??/Mar/14Froggatt Edge
The Deceptive Dyke5c *Lead ??/Mar/14Australia
The Fat Controller6b *Lead ??/Mar/14Australia
Steps of Glory5a *Lead ??/Mar/14Australia
CedricS 4a *Lead O/S 21/Feb/14Wilton 3
Peg FreeVS 4c Lead O/S 21/Feb/14Wilton 3
Route 14 ? (Nour?)5c Lead O/S ??/Feb/14Les Jardins d'ete
Mais qu'est jon alberto6b *Lead O/S ??/Feb/14Les Jardins d'ete
Il ne manqu des gazelles6b+ Lead O/S ??/Feb/14Les Jardins d'ete
Ali Aitabdeallah6a+ Lead O/S ??/Feb/14Les Jardins d'ete
Route 11?6b+ Lead O/S ??/Feb/14Les Jardins d'ete
Route 16?6a+ Lead O/S ??/Feb/14Les Jardins d'ete
Ransday6c Lead O/S ??/Feb/14Les Jardins d'ete
Route 15?5c Lead O/S ??/Feb/14Les Jardins d'ete
Route 12?6a Lead O/S ??/Feb/14Les Jardins d'ete
Derecta Berber5c Lead O/S ??/Feb/14Les Jardins d'ete
L'Etute Crue5c Lead O/S ??/Feb/14Les Jardins d'ete
Green SlabS 4b *Lead O/S 21/Jan/14Windgather Rocks
Wilton WallHS 4b - ???/2014Eston Nab
North ClimbS 4a *Lead O/S ??/Sep/13Froggatt Edge
Turret CrackHS 4b *Lead O/S ??/Sep/13Froggatt Edge
Sickle ButtressS 4a *Lead O/S ??/Sep/13Froggatt Edge
Sickle Buttress DirectVS 4c *Lead O/S ??/Sep/13Froggatt Edge
BetaVD Lead O/S ??/Sep/13Froggatt Edge
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