586 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Swing Aretef6C **Sent x26/Aug/15Brimham Rocks
Right Flakef6A Sent x26/Aug/15Brimham Rocks
Note to Complyf6A Sent x23/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Slab and OverlapMVS 4b Solo O/S23/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Flake and WallVS *Solo O/S23/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Grit CrackS Solo O/S23/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Widening HorizonsVS 4b Solo O/S23/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Pick Pocketf6A Sent O/S23/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Pocket Wallf4+ *Sent O/S23/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Fascinating Pocketsf5 *Sent O/S23/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Galaxyf7A Sent x23/Aug/15Simons Seat
Rush HourVD Solo O/S23/Aug/15Simons Seat
Bite SizeVD Solo O/S23/Aug/15Simons Seat
Snakes And Ladders (and Tunnels)HVS -20/Aug/15California
Tennis Shoe - The Other Direct StartS 4b Lead O/S18/Aug/15Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Klem's Arete (First Blocks P5)V4 **Sent x18/Aug/15The Sheep Pen
Dog Shooter (Main Block P3)V4 ***Sent x18/Aug/15The Sheep Pen
That's The Badgerf7A **Sent x15/Aug/15Snowden Crags
Whisky Galoref7A ***Sent x09/Aug/15Brimham Rocks
Home On The Rangenone 5a **Sent O/S09/Aug/15Little Brimham
Beef Crisisf6A **Sent x09/Aug/15Little Brimham
Saddlesoref5 *Sent O/S09/Aug/15Little Brimham
Steernone 4c Sent O/S09/Aug/15Little Brimham
Buffalonone 4b Sent O/S09/Aug/15Little Brimham
Farscapef6A *Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
Far Eastf2 Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
Far Westf6A+ *Sent x08/Aug/15Far Crag
A Far Cryf6A *Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
Far Countryf3 *Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
FArÍtef3 *Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
Far Side Wallf2 Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
Far Outf4+ *Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
A Far Off Placef3+ *Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
In a Galaxy......f5 **Sent x08/Aug/15Far Crag
A Far Shoref5+ **Sent x08/Aug/15Far Crag
This Far and No Further?f6A *Sent x08/Aug/15Far Crag
Gone Too Far?f3 Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
Farlongf4 *Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
Left Crackf4+ Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
Left Aretef5 Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
Nidderdale Specialf5+ **Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
Barley's Bequestf3+ **Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
Slab Master's Wallf4+ **Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
Intro Aretef2+ Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
Nought Moor?f4 Sent O/S08/Aug/15Far Crag
It Aint' Over Til'f4+ *Sent O/S05/Aug/15Rowantree Tor
Smooth Operaf3 Sent O/S05/Aug/15Rowantree Tor
Slipshodf3 *Sent O/S05/Aug/15Rowantree Tor
Smearlyf3 Sent O/S05/Aug/15Rowantree Tor
Willowf4 Sent O/S05/Aug/15Rowantree Tor