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NameStyleDate Crag name
Posing till the EndLead O/S27/Oct/14Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
I am a Poser and I Don't CareLead O/S27/Oct/14Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Garth was 'ereLead O/S27/Oct/14Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Swooping on Nigel's RubyLead O/S27/Oct/14Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Desperation of FreedoniaLead O/S27/Oct/14Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
What a PityLead G/U27/Oct/14Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The SewerTR O/S26/Oct/14Horseshoe Quarry
Passage of TimeTR O/S26/Oct/14Horseshoe Quarry
Steak SliceLead O/S16/Aug/14Penmaen Head
IntruderLead O/S16/Aug/14Penmaen Head
Richard 11 1399Lead O/S16/Aug/14Penmaen Head
Senter HomeTR09/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
Mail on SundayTR rpt09/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
Bridge Over the River ThymeLead O/S09/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
Whats the ThymeTR O/S09/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
FOPTR O/S09/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
Gargle BlasterLead O/S25/Jul/14Horseshoe Quarry
UranusLead O/S25/Jul/14Horseshoe Quarry
Luke SkywalkerLead O/S25/Jul/14Horseshoe Quarry
KlingonLead O/S25/Jul/14Horseshoe Quarry
VogonLead O/S25/Jul/14Horseshoe Quarry
Easy Come, Easy GoLead O/S25/Jul/14Horseshoe Quarry
Montezuma's RevengeTR RP25/Jul/14Horseshoe Quarry
LatrecLead O/S25/Jul/14Horseshoe Quarry
Toilet GraffitiLead O/S25/Jul/14Horseshoe Quarry
Toilet HumourLead O/S25/Jul/14Horseshoe Quarry
De ThroneLead O/S25/Jul/14Horseshoe Quarry
LatrineLead O/S25/Jul/14Horseshoe Quarry
Route 1Lead O/S05/May/14Castle Inn Quarry
Wilderness WallLead O/S05/May/14Castle Inn Quarry
Butterfly BlueLead O/S05/May/14Castle Inn Quarry
Birthday BoyLead O/S05/May/14Castle Inn Quarry
AppenzellerLead O/S05/May/14Castle Inn Quarry
SmartieLead O/S05/May/14Castle Inn Quarry
Suleiman the insignificantLead O/S04/May/14Waterfall Crag
Diamonds and PearlsLead O/S04/May/14Waterfall Crag
Custard CornerLead O/S04/May/14Waterfall Crag
Magnificant RitaLead O/S04/May/14Waterfall Crag
Windsor Wall2nd O/S04/May/14Waterfall Crag
Right Twin ChimneyLead O/S28/Jun/12Stanage Popular
FourLead O/S28/Jun/12Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Right-hand Buttress Direct2nd O/S28/Jun/12Stanage Popular
Christmas Crack2nd O/S28/Jun/12Stanage Popular
ParalysisLead O/S28/Jun/12Stanage Popular
Dover's Wall, Route 4Lead O/S28/Jun/12Stanage Popular
Dover's Wall, Route 3Lead O/S28/Jun/12Stanage Popular
Emperor Flake Climb2nd07/May/12Chatsworth Edge
Choked ChimneyLead07/May/12Chatsworth Edge
Captain's Bunk2nd07/May/12Birchen Edge
Emma RoydTR07/May/12Birchen Edge